Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It Happened on a Friday Night . . . Finale

Not over ? ? ?

So, I am still shaking, the adrenaline was kicking! If I had to move a car off a child . . . I could have done it . . . and all by myself!

I make my way to the table, following Mito. My teacher friend says "hey we were wondering if you got lost."

I said "hey a woman just hit me with her black Mercedes SUV." They all just stop mid sentence.

"What did you say" . . . "WHAT DID YOU SAY"?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It Happened on a Friday Night . . . Part 2

So there we are . . . in the parking lot of Pappadeaux . . . last Friday night . . .

She inched forward . . .

I again say, "I am not moving.  I am holding this spot for my husband.  He is right there" and I point to his car.

She inches forward . . .

I resort to the standard, I'm ignoring you move . . . I pick up my cell and start looking for something to do on it.  Do I play Angry Birds, no the situation doesn't call for an Angry Birds.  Do I text him - telling him to hurry his ass up?  No, he is two cars away.

Monday, February 27, 2012

It Happened on a Friday Night . . .

We regularly host friends throughout the year. It could be dinners, swim parties, holidays, the lake house or play dates.  So, last Friday night was no exception. We have been dining out, hosting, traveling with these friends for years, probably seven years to be exact.

As is traditional for this time of year a bunch of our good old friends get together for dinner. Everyone met at our house. Again with the tradition - we had a Hurricane or two . . . and snacked on muffalettas and other appetizers. We chatted and caught up for approximately 1 hour.

One couple showed everyone pictures of their new puppy that is a poodle/labrador mix called a Labradoodle. He was blond and with such a sweet face. His name is Tyler, after the city our friend grew up in and remains so fond of! This couple has a high school junior and three older children either in college or out in the workforce. This is their baby, so just like new parents they competed back and forth about who had a better picture and who the dog loved more!

Another couple talked of his travels and her teaching. She is a third year teacher to 24 1st graders - talk about scary stories! She talked about what is expected of the students and how their parents undermine the authority of the teacher with "You don't have to do that homework" and "She can teach it to you tomorrow." My friend made it clear - she gave the home work so the work can be done at home and she had already taught this - little Susie wasn't paying attention.

The other two couples have 10 year old boys - who despite being at different schools, in different cities and in different grades - they are experiencing the same thing. We talk about how there is a real crush of work now that the end of school year is coming and how the school is pushing to make these boys ready for what is coming their way in middle school. These boys are both disorganization, have feelings of being overwhelmed and just a touch of Spring Fever. I will admit it . . . I have it also.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

M A J O R Jerk . . . Finale

BACKGROUND ON THE DEAL - It seems, and I am foggy on the dates, but the MAJOR JA found a loop hole in their contract.  At the time they entered into the contract they formed a partnership.  The partnership was actually illegal; in the sense of they should never have executed this partnership.  In order to own this mortgage practice business they way they set it up you HAD to be an attorney.  This might have something to do with accepting commissions.  This was MAJOR Jerk's basis for the firing of the partner.

Back to $31M.  MAJOR Jerk wants to fight this.  His counsel contacted my husband's law firm for the appeal.

My husband's law firm specializes in boutique litigation - lots of contract negotiations, partnership break-ups, business splits.  They are total go getters, sharks.  I often feel bad for the opposition, they have no clue what they are up against!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

M A J O R Jerk . . . Park 2

Weird ? ? ? Things spun out of control . . .

I hear through the cleaning lady Elizabeth's husband went in to his office, he owned and currently owns a major mortgage brokerage firm in Dallas.  He strolled in one morning and fired his partner.  It doesn’t stop . . . he friends a few key players that might have had loyalty to his partner.  He changed the name of the company, assumed all assets and opened shop under a new name.  All in an afternoon of work!

It was around this time that Major Jerk, or Jack Ass . . . as I often refer to him, was frequenting strip clubs, bars, late night dinners and out of town trips.

One more than one occasion JA (Jack Ass) woke up on his front porch.  His wife hadn't heard from him.  She didn't know where he had been all night.  If only she had opened the door to get the mail, she would have found him. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras . . . Y'all

We interrupt this . . . ever so entertaining blog . . . to bring you this very important message  . . . BBBBBBBBBBBBB EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

Y'all - I love me some Mardi Gras!  I cannot sit still one more minute!  Come on 7:30pm!

We are having a Mardi Gras Party tonight!  Crawfish, Hurricanes, Red Beans & Rice, King Cake . . .

More on that later!

I am not your normal crafty girl but I am loving something Mardi Gras and want to share it!  What I am though is a "Next Level" kinda girl!  I can take a good idea and make it better . . . or so I think!
I have fallen in love with this mini King Cake super easy recipe from

Check out her pic of these most awesome and two thumbs up Mini King Cakes!  The two thumbs up came from two really super cute little boys I know very well!

I will not go into specific on the recipe.  You have to go to her website!  She has this and many other yummy things.

NOW . . . here is where I "Next Level" it!

I made these super cute and yummy, do you understand yet . . .  that they are super cute . . . and yummy? 

I was planning to make them for my Mardi Gras party.  I was going to use them as a party favor.   I thought I needed a trial run, so I followed the directions by  But how was I going to transport them? 

Then it came to me . . . at 1:00am . . . last night . . . when I should have been sleeping!  I would use these plastic crystal little cups for the mini King Cake.  Then it gets better. It gets "Next Leveled."

I remember in my cart of tricks I have plastic bags.

 I also had on hand Mardi Gras party napkins.

I found plastic knives and forks in my summer pool party supplies.  Grabbed some beads . . . do not ask what I had to do for those beads, and some ribbon.  And off I go!

I placed the mini King Cake in the plastic crystal cup. 

Next I placed a Mardi Gras Napkin inside but against the back of my plastic bag. 

My cupped King Cake goes in the bag, centered on the bottom. 

I then placed my hard earned beads, 1 purple, gold and green, in the bag to add weight and add some color to it. 

In goes the fork and knife, behind the cup, but in front of the napkin.

I cinch it so that the top of the plastic bag skims the top of the plastic crystal cup.  The green ribbons holds everything in place.  Fork, knife and napkin hang out the opening just a little!

 My sweet baby was so excited to take these to school.  I got a huge hug and a "I love you mommy." 

He must have delivered them to the right people as I have already received an email from his math teacher.  She said

"Your New Orleans gift package this morning was such a nice surprise! You are indeed most creative!!! Wow! What a fun start to my day.

 Hugs, Linda"

 Well . . . Hugs to you and Linda on a very Happy Mardi Gras Day!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Monday, February 20, 2012

M A J O R Jerk . . . Part 1

I was really struggling with what to blog today.  I had started 7 different posts but just wasn't feeling them! I have opinions on so many things which makes it very hard to narrow it down.  It is really tough.  Then it hit me!

While sitting in morning carpool . . . singing to the radio . . . Jake and I just hanging out until the teachers arrive to open the car doors.  There is it!  There HE is!  The deadbeat of all deadbeats.  Biggest ass on the planet.  There he stands with his two boys holding signs up for the Boy Scouts Can Food Drive.

Stop it right now!!!!!!  Do not let your heart go soft!  This guy is a    M   A   J   O   R   JERK!  He oozes slime, while holding a Boy Scouts sign.  He is in no way a reflection of the Boy Scouts.  I can only assume he has his boys in Boy Scout so they can learn to be the man he isn't!

Normally, this ass, wouldn't even be someone I would know. Or associate with and in all honesty I have spoken less than 20 words to him.  Why less than 20 words . . . well, it is probably by the time I tried to say word number 21 - I would just vomit all I know about him in public.  When I am in ear shot of him, it takes an amazing amount of strength to not let it all go . . .

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Restaurant Review . . . Deep Sushi

Party of 4 . . .

Deep Sushi is located in a small eclectic area of Deep Ellum.  There are parking lots on both sides of it, across the street are abandoned buildings.  In fact there are several abandoned building down there, but you wouldn't know it from the crowd tonight. 

As was typical for a Thursday night, Deep Sushi was almost to capacity.  They had a large party of 16 on the patio.  We entered and are greeted with a warm hello from no less than 3 employees.  We are seated but not in our usual spot, more mid restaurant.  We can see everything from here.  The fun party on the patio, the sushi chef making rolls, the bar scene and both indoor parts of the restaurant.  We are the only people with children, and that is pretty typical.

Once seated we order our drinks, the bartender makes 2 special drinks for our boys and dolls them up.  The boys love the special treatment.  My husband had a soda and I had water.  We also ordered edamame and a shrimp and veggie tempura.  Deep is consistently good and timely with the appetizers.  First the edamame arrived and just as that was being finished the shrimp tempura arrived.

We placed our order which is filled with "special request."  Our 4 year old wants a California with only crab and cream cheese.  Our older son only wants a shrimp tempura meal with some rice.  The waiter is good to remember my son doesn't like the black sesame seeds on the rice.  Our order is a bit more complicated: one order of a California, a New York, Cherry Blossom, Volcano, and a Longhorn.

The California roll is HANDS DOWN the best roll in town.  I have not had a more fresh tasting roll anywhere in Dallas, I should probably just say ANYWHERE!  Deep will modify the rolls to make you happy.  I am happiest when my California has a bit of cream cheese in it!

The New York roll is shrimp tempura and avocado on the inside, wrapped in rice.  Where is gets awesome is the crab placed across each roll in strips.  Deep uses a special sauce that blends the sweet and savory for this roll.

My husband's favorite is the Longhorn Roll.  The basics of the roll are similar to that of a New York.  The topping will set you on fire.  Deep uses one drop of Sriracha sauce on top of a thinly sliced jalapeno on top of some eel sauce.  It is spicy, warm and all sort of wonderful.

The Longhorn and Cheery Blossom rolls were rolls featured one night on Deep Sushi's features board.  We tried them both and now they are staples when we dine.

 The Cherry Blossom roll is one of the pretties rolls I have seen.  Again, it has the basics of a New York but then they add some fresh salmon and cucumber wrapped in soy paper and then rice.  It is topped with a beautiful piece of tuna and spiced up with some spicy mayo, eel sauce and Sriracha. LOVE THIS!!!

The last dish to arrive at our table is the Volcano.  It has a base of California rolls, and is then topped with a special sauce.  We requested for them to burn the topping just a little more than normal since we like it crispy.  As usual Deep accommodates us.  You can have one of two seafood topping on your Volcano.  We get the small baby scallops others prefer the crawfish.

From time to time the Deep's Sushi Chef are creating new rolls and will test them on diners.  That was not the case when we dined last Thursday, but I have been fortunate to have had strawberry rolls, dark chocolate rolls and rolls that had no name at the time! All delish!

We continue to experience good service and great food here. A true bonus is our boys like it so we get to enjoy our meal!

My take on the restaurant:
Kid Friendly:  Depends on the children.  The menu can support children eating there, the environment can handle children - they have 2 high-chairs.  My hesitation here is the other diners who want a nice evening out.  I would say no crying is allowed!
Cleanliness:  Pretty clean, I have seen finger prints on the front windows, but other than that never anything dirty or out of place.
Service: Very attentive and they anticipate when you need refills or soy.  Long before you have a bite in your hand and can't request their help.
Cost:  $$
How likely to go back:  I hope to go back before the end of the month.  Truly the best tasting sushi & rolls in the city!

 So, when you drop by for some great sushi be sure to say hi.  I am usually at the small window table when you come in, unless they are full again and I get to sit mid-restaurant!

Happy Dining!!!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day . . .

So . . . tomorrow is Valentine's Day or Tuesday as I like to call it.

Over the last three week I awake each morning to over 10 emails from various online stores attempting to sell me garters, push up bras, thigh highs, nighties, hooker heels, handcuffs and dice.  These emails aren't from slutty stores either but from your mainstream stores. 

Another 10 or so emails tell me, what to get that special someone for Valentine's Day.  It seems all men want is a coffee mugs, ties, shot glasses, tie tacks, a poster of some great stadium and a humidor.  ALL of those are at the top of my husband's list, NOT!  It seems women want jewelry, perfume, trips, nice dinners out, a ring . . . THE RING.  Clearly a more accurate list!

Then there are the, make a special meal, emails.  Betty Crocker, Whole Foods, Kraft Kitchen and Central Market and Market Street have everything you need to make that special someone the meal of their life!  The emails cover everything from salmon, steak, potatoes, champagne with strawberries to something chocolate for dessert.

I am sure there are many women out there taking the advice of emails generated by some guy sitting in a cube, sent during the middle of the night, as if they were a personal message delivered to only them.  As if the emails was the gospel sent from high above.  

These women are hoping for that special gift, the one they are dying to receive, but haven't bothered to tell him about.  They bought that special outfit with the naughty under garments.  They have run all over town to make the perfect meal that will make their man fall in love with them . . . this will do it!

These ladies are waiting with baited breath for him to say those three little words . . . I Love You! 

Secretly . . . or maybe not so secretly they are hoping for a ring from that special guy. 

They are so psyched up.  THIS is going to be the most perfect night ever.  THIS evening is the one.  THIS evening is when it all changes and we live happily every after.  THIS is going to be the most wonderful night, best night of the year. 

cue Going to the Chapel music . . .

Get over yourself . . . all of you!

The build up for Valentine's Day is tremendous.  How can it not be.  Society had told us - This is THE day for him to say I Love You.  This is THE day for him to show he cares.  This is THE day when he will be his nicest and woo you.   This is THE day when he will make you his.

What a load!  Why can't Valentine's Day be everyday?

Now, I am not saying that we should receive presents everyday . . .brought in and delivered on silver trays, covered in rose petals, with the perfect little blue box with a beautiful white satin ribbon . . . delivered by a snotty, stuck-up British type of man, dressed in a tuxedo and white gloves . . . with a violin playing in the background . . . champagne chilling . . . and your man down on one knee, crying, professing his till death do us part love for you.  I am so not saying that.

I am talking about simple things like caring, sharing and loving.

You don't need one freaking day our of 365 days to say TODAY is the day you HAVE to do these things.  You can decide to do those things everyday, anytime of the day, all day!
We all know of 1 Corinthians 13:4
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 

Whether you are religious or not this is something to digest.  Something to practice. 

Love isn't a noun . . . it isn't a ring, a dinner, or a perfect location.  It is a feeling and it is best shown through action.

So when you are loving each other be sure to
Be patient.
     Be kind.
          Be caring of each other.
              Be a safe spot for one another.
                  Be forgiving.
                       Be respectful.

Instead of wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day, I will wish you a Tuesday filled with lots of love! And a Wednesday . . . Thursday . . . Friday . . . and so on.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Without a Fight . . .Part 5 - Finale

I am sure I was given instructions, but who can remember anything after that.  I get dressed and just exit.  I keep my head low and walk quickly to the car for fear I might embarrass myself with tear stained cheeks or heaven forbid I just loose it.

By the time I am home again, I am composed.  I have a million things going through my mind, but on the outside I am calm.  I think I should start doing video messages to the boys about how much I love them.  Give them some life lessons, like those that have been on Oprah do.  Maybe I should write them a note for them to read at graduation, wedding and birth of their first child. I wonder will Jake even remember me.  Will my long blond locks fall out?  Will this scare my oldest son?  Will this be all he remembers? What kind of toll will this take on them?

My husband and I never let on to anyone what we were going through.  I would just sit still in the media room pretending to watch a movie but really preparing myself for the possible out comes. I withdrew from everyone.  I just could not put on a happy face or cheerful voice to fake it!

Next day - no call from the lab.  Don't they get I am freaking out here?  This is just a job.

Day after that, again no call.  I call the lab and am told to call back after 2.  I am Johnny on the spot - 2 on the dot.  No news.  I call at 4:57 before they head home for the night.  Nothing!  I think great - they are going home for a fun evening and I sit here wondering if I have a fight for my life on my hands!  I snuggle extra hard and extra long, please let them remember this. I sign the song Jake loves until he is asleep and snuggle in with Scoots until he is asleep.

Friday 8:01am - "no ma'am, we do not have the results yet.  We will call you."  By now the lady who answers the phones and I are best friends.  I call at 11am - no news.  2pm - no news, but she promises to call me.  4:03pm I got the call.

I was outside.  It was a beautiful day, not too cold, not too hot, perfect for a sweatshirt around the neck.  I was hunting supplies to build a fall display for the entry glass table.  I had the phone on me.  I had done everything with the phone attached to me the last few days.  I was alone, in the yard and in my head.  All my thoughts were consumed with this call.  And she called.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not Without a Fight. . . Part 4

As I lay on the gurney, in this semi dark room, half dressed, with a sonogram tech, a Dr. I have never seen before and the tech's little chotskies, I hear nothing.  The tech has a red flower in a small blue vase, a picture framed of her and her niece, a stuffed gorilla, a pink water bottle and a mini fan with a purple base that was battery operated.  My world was spinning but I knew where everything was in that room, what it looked like and the room smelled like.

I am told to get dressed and that they will have to schedule the next step.  I said "ok . . .ok." 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not Without a Fight . . . Part 3

So I go.  Perfectly lovely day.  I head off to Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, also known as Texas Health Resources.  I chose Presbyterian Dallas for many reasons.

1 I wanted a hospital that could handle anything.  Well funded, means well staffed, means well educated, means latest and greatest technology, treatment, facilities and equipment.  I am not saying other hospitals don't have the same, that is why I went there.

2 It was close.  IF they found something, my people could get there quick.  IF I was to have multiple Dr.s visits I needed it to be close. IF i was going to have a hospital stay I wanted it to be in the area of our son's schools, family, work and home.

3 I had both of our sweet baby boys at Presbyterian Dallas. I was familiar with the hospital.  Our family was familiar with it.  I wanted some place easy and familiar IF we were going down this road.

So, I go.  I am nervous.  My voice is running a little high, I was a little jittery.  Despite me not really wanting to hear any bad news I was speeding to this appointment.

The nurses and admin help were great.  I signed probably 10 forms, my husband being a litigator says sign away, all contracts can be broken.  I say that is why I didn't read the forms,  it was probably more of I cannot read them, I am too freaking nervous.  

I was escorted back.  I got the change here, put your things there, sit over yonder speech.  I remove my top and bra only to TRY to put these boobies in a tiny, made for a child cover up!  Who makes these wraps, children? All I can tell you is boobs this big don't fit!  Thankfully, in my prepared for anything state I had a wrap.  So tiny cover up and wrap I am ready to go, sitting in the waiting room of other women in tiny cover ups.  I am telling you some needed a wrap!

They call my name, I grab my stuff, and I head back.  I am escorted to a room, asked my name, social security number, relevant medical history.  I was asked to stand at this machine, feet forward, raise your right arm, hold here, chin back, hold your breath.  It was NOTHING like others have described.  It didn't hurt, it wasn't painful, and it was quick!  I was in and out in about 45 mins! I cannot get my children dressed and out the door in 45 mins much less a Dr.s appt.  I am off about my day!

Jitters are gone.  Nervous gone and seriously way over rated. Voice was back to normal and speeding under control.

I didn't really think anything about it after that.  There were children to deal with, husband traveling to LA for a law suit.  We were remodeling our home.

Approximately 3 days later I got some mail from Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.  It was one of those pieces that is stuck together - you have to break the perforation and tear away - three times.  I opened it.  It said the scans were inconclusive and asked me to come back in for more testing.  I tossed it on the glass table in the entry and went on with life.  When my husband got home and was going through he mail he read it.  His response was a bit different than mine.  "Did you see this?"  "What does this mean?"  "Have you talked to your Dr.?"  "Do you have another appointment?"  All justifiable questions, but none that I had considered.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not Without a Fight . . . Part 2

In October 2009 I went for my first mammogram.  I had given birth in November 2007.  Stopped breast feeding in 2008, finally got around to seeing the OBGyn for a yearly check-up in November 2008.  My Dr. told me then she wanted me to go get a first scan.  With no more babies, no more breast feeding, she wanted a baseline reading. 

Well, I didn't do it.  Who has time with a baby to go sit in a waiting room, plus I was scared.  My grandmother had been stricken with breast cancer twice.  Once when my mother was a child and once when I was 23.  It was horrible for her; it was horrible for our family.  We worried for her, every cough meant something.  Not eating meant something.  The medicine made her sick.  She lost her hair; it truly did a number on her body.  So knowing family genetics play a part in the percentage of who gets it and who doesn't I thought I would wait until  . . .  who knows.  No date determined, would just wait. 

Ignorance is bliss???  Head in the sand???  Probably so!

I finally got around to doing it in October 2009.  I decided to do it for several reasons then. 

1 - After reconnecting with friends on Facebook, one decided to hold a get together.  I went. 

I saw friends I had not seen since high school graduation.  We hugged, caught up on lives and gossiped about who was doing what, married to whom and how one of our "friends" there was acting like a real slut! 

It was then that one of my best friends from high school told me she had removed both her breast.  When my friend Amy was younger her mother had gotten breast cancer and if I remember correctly Amy's mom's mom had had it also.  Amy wanted to take charge of her life.  She did not want to be a victim of breast cancer.  So she was tested.  Amy did the BRCA-1 test and it came back positive.  Amy had three children, was going back to school to get her PhD. and working at a fertility specialist.  Her mother had already passed away; Amy did not have time for cancer or the support network to take care of her.  Amy was everyone's support network.  Amy made a brave decision and had them removed.  When we caught up that night she was waiting to do reconstruction.   

2 - A friend I had known since elementary school had be stricken with breast cancer.  They discovered it while she was pregnant. 

I didn't learn of her cancer until much later.  I sent out a Christmas card after the baby was born, December 2007.  I didn't receive one from my friend, which was unusual.  She had sent them the previous 6 years, what must have happened?  Divorced?  Didn't get my address change?  Dropped me from her list? 

I suspected the latter. It happens. 

One day she popped up on Facebook.  Her long blond locks were gone, replaced by a short black cropped haircut.  She still had a beautiful face, but there was something different about this picture.  There was another child.  OH, that explains it - she was pregnant and didn't have time to do cards.  I get it - children can suck the life out of you at times.  In fairness, they give it back also!

In early October of 2009 she posted on Facebook about her being cancer free 1 year.  She praised God she was still here, thanks her Dr.s and expressed love for her husband and family.  Her husband, family and friends were going to walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 3-day walk in her honor. Now that explained the missing Christmas card.

I believe she sent an email out to friends asking for financial support of her team.  We gave.  Finding a cure, supporting the women going through this battle, and praising the people who are out fundraising for it are worthy of our support.  I just wish I had more to give.

3 - The last reason was my family history.  I hated that I had a family history of breast cancer, but it is what it is.  I had to do something.  I had to get tested and either it would relieve any fears I had or confirm them.  If I had a fight on my hands I wanted to get it early and start as soon as possible.  I was not going to let this sneak up on me.  I wanted to take charge.  I wanted a chance.

So there I sat, making my appointment knowing:

3 Women my age - exactly my age

3 Friends - I knew these women - I know their story

3 Testing positive

All fighting for their lives any way they could!

continued tomorrow . . .

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not Without a Fight . . .

Typical morning - I am rushing out the door to drop the baby off at school.  I had so much to do.  I had to get back as soon as possible after all he would need to be picked up at 11:45am.  So back home I go, but then my body took over my brain and it drove me to get one of my favorite beverages in the world . . . McDonald's Vanilla Latte - sugar free vanilla and non-fat milk.  Hands down beats all other lattes!  I love this in the morning - I am certain when the drive thru guys sees my black hummer he is already punching the order in.  Beverage in hand - completely at peace - I head home.

I finally get home and sit down at my computer.  I start what I do every morning . . . checking to see what I have missed.  It is almost routine - school - coffee - check. 

Email is up first - had the usual 500+ emails from sites like Groupon, Yollar, Living Social, Plum District and so on.  Emails from the schools, friends and from those that want me to buy, buy, buy!

Then onto Pinterest.  I pinned what caught my fancy, the typical stuff like food, words of encouragement, kids stuff, and party ideas. I created some boards - sorted my stuff and flagged a few people I know that would like what I just liked.

Next up was finally Facebook.  I am scrolling down, pictures of friend's kids, status updates from the one friend who thinks her life is so fabulous and brags about building a new house, updates from friends who think every time their child rolls over or toots it is news worthy.  And then there really was something new worthy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Few of My Favorite . . . Appetizers!

It seems there is this game on Sunday.  A N D It seems to involve a ball, a bunch of grown men in tight pants running around. A N D  It seems to cause people to gather over food, drinks and fun!

You had me at gather . . . that is so very Jerry McGuire!

I pretty much love anything where gathering with friends and food is involved.  I love a get together, a party, a gathering of friends and I love food.  I am talking fun party food!  I love myself some appetizers!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day 2012 . . .

I must say I am a little intrigued with the whole Groundhog seeing his shadow thing.  The news outlets make a big deal about it, but does anyone really ever remember what Phil the Groundhog predicted weeks later? How is he held accountable?  Do they find a new guy if Phil's accuracy rate falls.  Are all groundhogs able to perdict the weather.  How do we know if this is the same Phil year after year?  How was this Phil qualified to be the predicter of weather?   And seriously . . .  Phil is in Punxsutawney, PA, do we really think he knows about the weather here in Dallas?  The weathermen can't even get it right most of the time! 

I think my intrigue with all things Phil began with Bill Murray!  You know the movie I am talking about, Groundhog Day.  A high on himself new caster if forced for the fourth year to go Pennsylvania to provide coverage of Groundhog Day.  His producer goes along for the ride, played by the beautiful Andie McDowell, and their camera man/driver is played by Chris Elliot.

He wakes up on Groundhog Day to Sonny & Cher music, day after day after day!  He tries all things to make it February 3rd.  This movie is so funny, I can recite the words, I know every scene.  It is a favorite withour boys.  Its a doozie!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Husbands . . .

Not so long ago I was sitting in a Junior League meeting.  I was on the Nominating Placement committee.  Our committee was charged with the responsibility of identifying new leadership, determining chairmen and putting forth a slate of new officers for the general membership to vote on. 

During one of our marathon weekend, where we went away so we could read all the questionnaires submitted by those seeking leadership and reviewing the interviewed candidates, we took a quick break.  This was day two of our weekend, we had only one more day to get this portion of the leadership done.

We were standing in the kitchen of a friend's lake house.  Everyone refreshing their drinks and getting a snack to push through the next four house when a girlfriend started to complain about having to be away this weekend.