Friday, June 8, 2012

The Apple Falling . . .

I picked our oldest up from carpool.  He immediately got in and said " I know you got an email from Ms. Barnes . . . "

I infact, had not gotten an email but so as not to tip my hand I said "I would like you to explain to me what happened."

And he preceeds to tell me . . .

He is going so fast, I am having a hard time keeping up. I go to ask a questions . . . he asks me to let him finish.  I am not following everything completely . . . but after hearing it . . . several times . . . It is clear he is so much like his father.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Skinny Bitch Drama . . .

I swear . . . if teaching children was my profession . . . I would be in jail!

Today was the last Teacher Appreciation luncheon for the year.  My rein of Head Teacher Appreciation Co-Chair is over.  As I like to day . . . Done & Done!

I so could have used that little bit of extra sleep this morning but instead I was up early, my sweet husband prepared breakfast for our sons and I.  6:14 am came early!  I stumble out of bed, cursing the concept of me volunteering.  I want to sleep in . . . I want to no-show for the luncheon . . .I want . . . to be anywhere but getting ready to go to school.

Once we reached school it was 7:31am.  My son and I unload the car.  4 foot bull pinata in hand I parade past carpool and on to the luncheon.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Eye to Eye

I was recently at school volunteering for my FINAL Teacher and Lower School staff Appreciation Luncheon.  We were in the cleaning up stage of the luncheon when the Early Education Head Mistress asked to speak with me.

A million things flashed through my mind . . .

Had she read my blog about our youngest son not getting into his school of choice due to her decision?

Had she heard me say something and wanted to take issues with it?

Did she want to revisit what an excellent job our oldest had recently done on the School's promotional video? Excellent . . . I tell ya!

What could it be?

It was none of those.  She told me there had been an issue with our oldest son and she would like to speak with me.  She wanted to know when I would be done and could I meet her in her office. I am scared . . . the feeling of being in 2nd grade and getting called into the Principal's office comes flooding back . . . btw being called into Mr. Casada's office was because I had to leave early with a family emergency.

During the next 15 minutes I am trying to clear out all my volunteers.  I am attempting to get all my items done and my ducks in a row. I am hoping I can get everyone gone so I don't have to explain why I . . . at an age just slightly over 29 . . . I am being called into the Head Mistress's office.

I am anxious . . . mad . . . and most certainly embarrassed.