Monday, September 17, 2012

Why Me?

A few weeks back an Associate Pastor was speaking on "Why Me." He wondered why when things are bad do we ask "Why me?" "Why would God do this to me?" "Why is God not there to help me?” and so on.
AND THEN . . . I found myself say why me.  This morning was difficult - not for any one big reason but for about 10 little ones - just things were not going right.

I had gotten our youngest to school only to realize as we pull in he had two left shoes. His first two years of wearing shoes he couldn't be bothered to put them on the right foot. He didn't care if they were wrong and the school didn't either - they . . . WE ALL . . . were just thrilled he had learn to put on shoes - who really cared if right was on left or left on right. BUT it seems this morning Jake did. He did care and he cared A LOT!!! I tried my best to do anything but have to go back home. I even suggested he wear the bigger "left" shoe on his right foot and the just slighter smaller "left" shoe on his left foot - clearly a mother of the year move! Come on - this kid didn't care for years - can't we just get through this one little day.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Attacked by the Big . . . Bad . . . Red Head . . .

I was departing my volunteer shift about a week before school got out. I stopped as I was about to leave to give a good friend some grief about being late . . .

1 - she lives like 3 miles to school

2 - she was a room mother and this day was a big event

3 - she wasn't just 5 or 10 Min's late . . . SHE HAD COFFEE!!!!

As I stop to give her grief . . . I was attacked!

At first I am taken back . . . could my attacker be joking?

Surely, she is joking . . .

Nope, she keeps going . . .

This cannot be a joke . . . this woman is . . .!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tending to Your Side of the Street

* This was written back in May and not published until now.

We have a nightly routine here . . . they say, whoever they is, that routines make life easier . . . WHATEVER!  My husband is very routine oriented and truth be told I hope at some point my children will be also . . . I am a lost cause!

Back to the routine . . . we do baths for the boys, brush teeth, and in bed by 8pm . . .  we TRY to do this by 8 pm.  My husband and I then sit and watch maybe an hour of TV.  We move to the bedroom and maybe catch 14 more minutes before he is done!

My job at that moment is to tickle him to sleep.  I usually give him two minute and he is out . . . a freight train couldn't wake him and I either watch "my" tv or go about doing other things in the house or things I want to do!

Tonight I elected while tickling my 2 minutes to watch Bethanney Ever After . . . and it was during this show I got this pearl of wisdom "Tending to Your Side of the Street.  In this episode Bethanney was talking about her family, or lack there of . . . of the estranged relationship with her father and that her mother is really helpless. 

Welcome Back . . .

Once the end of school hit . . . there just wasn't time.

I thought time and time again I should write. AND . . . by the time I would get into the office - the idea was gone or someone needed something else.

So, I am back now.  I like telling my little stories.  Some cannot be made up - this is my life.  Others have a bit of a moral issue in them that I might be dealing with, a friend might be dealing with or just a message I want to send along. 

I would love to hear from you!

Take care . . . .