Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scare Tactics . . .

Boy do I have a bee in my bonnet and my knickers in a wad! 

We all know someone who has an agenda.  They want you to join their company – NO; NO it is not a multi level marketing scheme – no not us.  Or perhaps . . . they want you to buy in as a grass roots partnership level into their company . . . their dream.  Or maybe it is someone who keeps you on the hook for more and more sessions instead of saying you are good to go . . . get out there and do some good.  My favorite is the friend who wants me to change my ways . . . makes fun of my car – calls it a gas hog . . . tells me “Oh, I would never have a pool . . . that wastes so much electricity.”  There is always the “Oh that is great for you . . . I just could never do THAT.”  They all have their agenda.  They all want something from you.  AND they are ALL like a dog with a good bone . . . not willing to let go and move on!