Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day 2012 . . .

I must say I am a little intrigued with the whole Groundhog seeing his shadow thing.  The news outlets make a big deal about it, but does anyone really ever remember what Phil the Groundhog predicted weeks later? How is he held accountable?  Do they find a new guy if Phil's accuracy rate falls.  Are all groundhogs able to perdict the weather.  How do we know if this is the same Phil year after year?  How was this Phil qualified to be the predicter of weather?   And seriously . . .  Phil is in Punxsutawney, PA, do we really think he knows about the weather here in Dallas?  The weathermen can't even get it right most of the time! 

I think my intrigue with all things Phil began with Bill Murray!  You know the movie I am talking about, Groundhog Day.  A high on himself new caster if forced for the fourth year to go Pennsylvania to provide coverage of Groundhog Day.  His producer goes along for the ride, played by the beautiful Andie McDowell, and their camera man/driver is played by Chris Elliot.

He wakes up on Groundhog Day to Sonny & Cher music, day after day after day!  He tries all things to make it February 3rd.  This movie is so funny, I can recite the words, I know every scene.  It is a favorite withour boys.  Its a doozie!

There are days when I want a Groundhog Day.  Days when I just didn't get it right, or maybe I did!

My top five Groundhog days would be:

1 - The Day I got Married - beautiful day, surrounded by love and a whirewind of activity.  Everyone told me the day would go by so fast.  They would say "slow down, take in every minute, enjoy it."  Far easier said than done.  I want to relive it, to thank each person who gave up their Saturday to come celebrate with us.  I want another first dance and this time I will not rush it to get to other things.  I want the correct chairs this time!  I would also have a piece of cake.  The cake was beautiful and the only piece we received was the one we cut.  I would want to stand in a corner and look out at the smiles, laughter and good times had by all.

2 & 3 - The Day each of my son's said "Mama"

To hear their sweet little voices say "Mama" again.  I want to go back to that day and relish every moment.  Their sweet soft fat little hands.  Their smell of lavendar lotion. Their adorable little outfits.  The look in their eyes that they recognize me.  That after all this time of caring for them, poopy diapers - up all night - feeding - sickness - AND them saying "Dada" first, that this was their gift to me.  They knew who I was, and they so wanted to communicate with me.  I would love every minute of it all over again.

4 - The Last Day my Grandmother was here - my Grandmother, Noni's, passing was quick.  We didn't really get to say good bye.  I would relive that night in the hospital were my mother, sister, mother-in-law, Noni and myself sat and laughed and told jokes well into the night while waiting on a hospital room.  This was the last time she was fully aware of her surrounding.  We told stories of my sister and I when we were young. Stories of my cousins. We laughed about family trips.  We blamed my sister for stuff she never did.  We talked about the family.  We talked about her being ok and coming home soon.  If I knew then what I know now,  I would tell her, again, how much I love her.  How I thought she hung the moon.  How I knew we would all be fine but never the same if she left us.  How I would miss her terribly!

5 - TBN - To Be Named . . . You have seen this before where people cannot decide on a date, time or location.  I want to reserve this one for the future.  It might be the college gradutation of our son's. It might be them graduating Law School or joining my husband's firm.  Maybe the day they marry or even better the day they have their babies, or when those babys say I love you.  It could be a most peaceful and completely relaxing day on a beach with everyone I love. 

Maybe if I could strike it right I could get all of these days to repeat on the same day over and over and over again.  Now that would be a major Groundhog day!

Just as in the movie it all comes down to being in the right place, at the right time with the right person that made his day move forward.  While I would love any of my chosen days all over again, it is clear in number five there is still so much more to come. Some really awesome stuff we have yet to experience!

So Happy Groundhog Day to you!  Maybe you too can pick out your top four to date and save number five for something awesome to come your way!

Happy Groundhog Day!!!!


  1. Jen this was the best It is what it is ever. I enjoyed every word and would relive each experience with you. Written so beautiful and Im so blessed to share each of these with you. Love you Mom

    1. I thought you might be feeling these Groundhog days as well. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. You brought me to tears. It's not the talk of your beautiful wedding day (which now that you mentioned it - I was surprised you picked "those" chairs - JK), or the babies saying mama or even the TBN, but Noni. Your Noni was a wonderful woman and I'm glad I got to know her. If you ever find a way for us to have that one precious day please share it. I have a few groundhog day moments I'd like to replay and replay and replay.

    1. RZ - Like. I know those chairs were so not right for the room. I had mandated the white garden chairs. Still scared from it!

      BTW Judy cried too!