Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day . . .

So . . . tomorrow is Valentine's Day or Tuesday as I like to call it.

Over the last three week I awake each morning to over 10 emails from various online stores attempting to sell me garters, push up bras, thigh highs, nighties, hooker heels, handcuffs and dice.  These emails aren't from slutty stores either but from your mainstream stores. 

Another 10 or so emails tell me, what to get that special someone for Valentine's Day.  It seems all men want is a coffee mugs, ties, shot glasses, tie tacks, a poster of some great stadium and a humidor.  ALL of those are at the top of my husband's list, NOT!  It seems women want jewelry, perfume, trips, nice dinners out, a ring . . . THE RING.  Clearly a more accurate list!

Then there are the, make a special meal, emails.  Betty Crocker, Whole Foods, Kraft Kitchen and Central Market and Market Street have everything you need to make that special someone the meal of their life!  The emails cover everything from salmon, steak, potatoes, champagne with strawberries to something chocolate for dessert.

I am sure there are many women out there taking the advice of emails generated by some guy sitting in a cube, sent during the middle of the night, as if they were a personal message delivered to only them.  As if the emails was the gospel sent from high above.  

These women are hoping for that special gift, the one they are dying to receive, but haven't bothered to tell him about.  They bought that special outfit with the naughty under garments.  They have run all over town to make the perfect meal that will make their man fall in love with them . . . this will do it!

These ladies are waiting with baited breath for him to say those three little words . . . I Love You! 

Secretly . . . or maybe not so secretly they are hoping for a ring from that special guy. 

They are so psyched up.  THIS is going to be the most perfect night ever.  THIS evening is the one.  THIS evening is when it all changes and we live happily every after.  THIS is going to be the most wonderful night, best night of the year. 

cue Going to the Chapel music . . .

Get over yourself . . . all of you!

The build up for Valentine's Day is tremendous.  How can it not be.  Society had told us - This is THE day for him to say I Love You.  This is THE day for him to show he cares.  This is THE day when he will be his nicest and woo you.   This is THE day when he will make you his.

What a load!  Why can't Valentine's Day be everyday?

Now, I am not saying that we should receive presents everyday . . .brought in and delivered on silver trays, covered in rose petals, with the perfect little blue box with a beautiful white satin ribbon . . . delivered by a snotty, stuck-up British type of man, dressed in a tuxedo and white gloves . . . with a violin playing in the background . . . champagne chilling . . . and your man down on one knee, crying, professing his till death do us part love for you.  I am so not saying that.

I am talking about simple things like caring, sharing and loving.

You don't need one freaking day our of 365 days to say TODAY is the day you HAVE to do these things.  You can decide to do those things everyday, anytime of the day, all day!
We all know of 1 Corinthians 13:4
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 

Whether you are religious or not this is something to digest.  Something to practice. 

Love isn't a noun . . . it isn't a ring, a dinner, or a perfect location.  It is a feeling and it is best shown through action.

So when you are loving each other be sure to
Be patient.
     Be kind.
          Be caring of each other.
              Be a safe spot for one another.
                  Be forgiving.
                       Be respectful.

Instead of wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day, I will wish you a Tuesday filled with lots of love! And a Wednesday . . . Thursday . . . Friday . . . and so on.

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