Wednesday, February 22, 2012

M A J O R Jerk . . . Park 2

Weird ? ? ? Things spun out of control . . .

I hear through the cleaning lady Elizabeth's husband went in to his office, he owned and currently owns a major mortgage brokerage firm in Dallas.  He strolled in one morning and fired his partner.  It doesn’t stop . . . he friends a few key players that might have had loyalty to his partner.  He changed the name of the company, assumed all assets and opened shop under a new name.  All in an afternoon of work!

It was around this time that Major Jerk, or Jack Ass . . . as I often refer to him, was frequenting strip clubs, bars, late night dinners and out of town trips.

One more than one occasion JA (Jack Ass) woke up on his front porch.  His wife hadn't heard from him.  She didn't know where he had been all night.  If only she had opened the door to get the mail, she would have found him. 

At his own company get together, after the major firing, he got into a fight at Cape Buffalo.  The story goes he got lippy with the bar tender, he charged the bar tender.  The bar tender defending himself slugged him.  He hit the concrete floor and it damaged him for life, he had several surgeries, mental capacity was diminished, physically not the same.  He attempted to sue but when no one agreed to see things his way, he dropped the suit.

One night, while out on a business trip, his cell phone called his house, a butt dial, and his wife could hear him talk to a stripper about her toned, tight abs and how his wife just had a baby and her abs weren't tight anymore. There were other muffled sounds! HUM?!?!?! What a freaking cliche!!!!

Despite their issues they put on a good front.  They sold their house that backed up to a top private boy school, moved into a rental and bought property down in Highland ParkThey boys on one of the two most expensive streets to live on in Dallas!  The other being Strait Lane.

They spent 2.5M to acquire the property, $650,000 to tear it down and clear off the land.  The new build was estimated to be 3.5M.

JA was such a cocky SOB he walked plans around to all of the neighbors telling them how big his house was going to be.  How it has a beauty salon, a spa, 9 bedrooms, 8 full bath, 4 half baths, 12,250 sq ft.  It had the likeness of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He was a boastful cocky MAJOR Jerk!

Just in case you are not in the know, no multi-millionaire wants some ass to walk his plans around. To boast about how his house will be bigger than theirs.  How it will be better.  How he will be THE one to raise property values with his amazing house. But that is what he did . . . and said.
During this build he is served with papers.  You have to wonder what took so long.  No, not papers from the wife, but papers from the former partner.  The former partner was suing for $49M.  Now if you are anything like me $49M doesn't even register.  The guy starts squatting assets, moving homes into his wife's name, setting up trust, creating off-shore accounts with funds.  Every dirt bag, protective move to be made was made! 

He has his day, or days as it was, in court.  The court finds negligence on both sides but awards the plaintiff a judgment of $31M.  Well, $31M is far easier number to comprehend . . . right?

I believe he is one of those guys that if he lies long enough, and tell it as many times as possible, and can be indignant enough about it - he will start to believe himself.  Well, this JA drank the kool-aid and believed his story.

He didn't think he had cheated his partner out of a company.  He didn't think he had cheated him out of future earnings and he didn't think he should have to pay his partner anything, after all his partner wasn't a lawyer like he was, so he didn't think the partner was entitled to the money.

He didn’t think he owed him $1 much less $31M.

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