Wednesday, April 4, 2012

There is Hope . . .

We recently had tickets to the DSO, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Family Concert day.  We had made plans to take both of our boys.  What could go wrong?  We had a private box, the boys needed to be dressed and behave.

We made plans to see one of my husband's clients while at the DSO event.  Which is why . . . I was a little anxious about them behaving . . . and why we decided to leave the baby (4 year old Jake, home with Goo.  We would take Scoots and a friend.

Unfortunately, my good friend's daughter, who goes to school with my son wasn't available.  Not wanting the ticket to go to waste and not wanting to worry about Jake 1 - enjoying the Symphony . . . 2 - sitting still in our private box . . . 3 and most important . . . him behaving for 2+ hours at a Symphony, we called one of the neighbor girls!

We were so fortunate when we moved down from Plano that we landed on a street with kids.  3 boys and 3 girls - all ranging from 6th grade to 4th grade with my son being the youngest in this crew of friends.  None of the kids went to the same school, most are private school kids but all can play . . . and fight as if they are glued together 24/7!

We called Susanna.  She lives about 6 houses away on the opposite side of the street.  I talk to her mommy, who said Susanna was available to go.  I told her mom we would be by at 12:45pm to pick her up.  The concert started at 2pm.

I seized this opportunity to start training my young man into being a gentleman.  As we were putting on the final touches to his outfit, damn belt was lost . . . I started to go over what is expected of a gentleman.

I told him when we got to Susanna's house, he needed to get out of the car . . . walk to her door . . .wait for her to be ready  . . . and open the car door for her.  He was then to go around the car and get in the other side.  "I know . . . MOM!"

I covered the basics . . . opening the door for ladies and elderly.  He was to allow her to go first.  He should walk with her.  He should wait for her to be seated, and then he could be seated.  AND . . . should she decide to get out of her seat, he should be so courteous as to stand as she gets up and sits down again.

We get to Susanna's house . . .  He is doing it . . .he knows what needs to be done!  He gets out of the car . . . goes to the door . . . rings the bells and greets Susanna's father with a hello and hand shake.  He walks her back down the walk, opens the car door for her . . . and she crawled across the car.  My husband's car has two bucket seats up front and two bucket seats in the back - there is a long console between both sets of seats.  In no time at all, she was behind me, he was in behind his dad and we were off.

There was a strange dynamic in the car.  I was having to do all the talking.  He was a little nervous . . . it was so cute and so very sweet.  I would ask a question . . . Susanna would answer it . . . and my sweet baby boy would simply say "I agree."  NEVER has this child been at a loss of words . . . he doesn't fall far from this tree! 

It wasn't until we were at the event when he loosened up.  There were some craft things to do, a step and repeat, beverages and snacks.  He was still being a perfect gentleman but now holding his own in the conversation department.

We went up to our box . . . he held the door open . . . gave her a program guide . . . pulled out her chair . . . and they played hangman until concert time. In typical fashion . . . the Symphony was just about to put us all to sleep and it was over.

We met up with my husband's client.  My son spoke to these men . . . he looked them in the eye . . . he shook their hands and said "Nice to meet you."  He held his own with these men . . . my baby was growing up right before my eyes!

The concert was neither here nor there . . . if was fun to get out . . . it was exciting to see him turning into a nice young man.  It seems despite all the things we can do wrong as parents . . . we just might be getting something right!

I absolutely love my sweet baby boy . . .
and while I am not a fan of him
getting older . . . I absolutely love the
nice young man he is turning out to be!

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