Monday, April 2, 2012

Public Safety Announcement . . .

I have to insist . . . if you are going to insult someone in writing . . . you MUST know how to spell!

Recently the boys and I met up with a bunch of friends and their kids at Jump Street.  It is an indoor trampoline park . . . think wall to wall trampolines.  Some for the little guys . . . some with slides attached . . . some at an angle . . . some that are perfect for an Average Joe vs. Robogym show down!

The boys and their friends ran, jump, threw balls and checked out the girls for 2 hours.  The mom's sat and solved the problem of world hunger.

We decided to take the kids nearby for lunch.  So, as 12:30pm was rolling around we headed out to Mother's Diner near Willowbend.

Parking was tight and it was tough to get a table.  But we found space, after being very . . . very patient, for both.

Lunch was really uneventful.  5 Big kids in one booth . . . the 3 little guys with the moms in the other booth.  I noticed as the restaurant was clearing out, and therefore the parking lot, that I could see my car far out in the lot.  I also noticed there was what looked to be a business card on my car window.

I really thought nothing of it.  Probably someone promoting a gym, a dry cleaner, or a maid service.  We sat . . . continued to talk . . . this time we figured out how to create world peace, if only we could create in it our own homes!

We are done with lunch and are finally out the door - attempting to herd our cats . . . children . . . to the car, dodging the questions that come AFTER spending HOURS with friends . . .

"can  . . . come over and play"

"I want to go home with . . . "

"can . . . come spend the night."

I shoot mine a look of . . . seriously?  you were just together for 4 hours only to then send the look of - DO NOT ASK ME in front of your friends! 

We, seriously, just want our offspring in the car . . . buckled up . . . and quiet!

As we approach my car, I am again reminded of the business card on my car.  One side reads:

The other side of the card read:

My initial thoughts were . . . did I park badly?  I checked around the car . . . I was in the lines . . . and that is NO easy tasks considering my car.  I have a Hummer H2 - the big non-military one - sold at dealerships for families.  It is smaller that the military Hummer, the one used in the dessert.  Truth be told . . . I would totally have one of those if I could!

Again . . . I will say . . . I was in the lines.  So, I just tossed "the public safety announcement" in the car . . . it went right in the center console where the drink holders are.  I looked at it again  . . . thinking to my self . . . really?!?!?!  We are then headed out of Plano back to Dallas.

My oldest son asked me about the card . . . I just told him someone, who was CLEARLY so very wrong, thought I had done a bad job of parking.  I told Scoots, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong they are!"

It was when I got out of the car at Lowe's to buy some hanging basket that he read it.  I would have preferred he not, but he did it anyway.

It was my 10 year old that caught the spelling mistake on the car.  Did you catch it, go ahead and re-read it now!

A S S H H O L E!

You see it now don't you!

So . . . now I have a whole new perspective on the card!

1 - Not only did this ASSHHOLE spend good hard earned money, especially in this tough economy, to have these cards made

2 - This ASSHHOLE  . . . spent the time to get upset about a car parked (WITHIN THE LINES) . . . dig this card out of their purse, wallet, glove box, center console . . . get back out of their car . . . go and place it on my car . . . and make sure it was in a spot where I could see it

3 -  Only an ASSHHOLE of this caliber would threatened that IF he saw me again . . . with what he deemed a bad parking job . . . he would key me . . .

4 - All this energy . . . all this anger . . . only to make sure I know that I have wronged him . . . ALL THIS TIME . . . ENERGY . . . ANGER . . .  and this ASSHHOLE didn't bother to spell check the cards . . . talk about a total ASSHHOLE!!!!

Hey ASSHHOLE . . . It should have been ONLY one H!

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