Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cancer Sucks!

Cancer Sucks!

Really there is nothing else to say.  It sucks. 

Cancer robs families and friends of the future.  It robs individuals of their dignity.  It robs children of their mothers and fathers.  It robs parents of their dreams to one day see their child . . . have children of their own, get married, graduate college, graduate high school . . . hell even graduate kindergarten!


I have a friend on Facebook who is posting on behalf of his good family friend.  He post updates on  a little girl, who happens to be his daughter's best friend, and who has cancer . . . the finding of the tumors . . . the surgery . . . the waiting on test results . . . the twists and turns of this journey and they are only into week two of it. 

I read the updates and have such sadness for this family, for this sweet little girl who in every single picture is happy as can be.  She looks like she should be out on the playground swinging, NOT laying in a bed with tubes, medicine and machines all around.

She probably doesn't understand all that is going on, what all this means.  It is hard enough as an adult to understand what really is going on  . . . what test result mean what . . . what medicine to give . . .how much and why.  I hope she doesn't understand . . .I hope she doesn't know what all this means.

My heart is sad for this family.  Their future is uncertain.  The prognosis is unclear.  Tonight's post indicated she might need 25 weeks of chemo.  This sweet beautiful faced little girl is going to spend almost 1/2 of a year having a poison injected into her body.  This is her best chance.  This is the best course as designed by the Dr.s

As a mother I cannot imagine what her parents must be going through . . . feeling . . . the thoughts that must consume their every waking minute. 

I have two healthy boys . . . each night I say my prayers and I thank God for these two beautiful creatures in my life. 

I also say a prayer for this little girl, her family, her friends and all those friends and families suffering from and along side a loved one having to deal with cancer.

Cancer sucks . . . so I ask you . . . when you say your prayers or give your special thanks - remember to be thankful for your blessings, friends and family . . . and say a short special prayer for all those having to suffer from such a horrible degrading disgusting disease!

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