Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Have to Promise . . .

Last Friday night we went to dinner with some school families.  We decided to meet immediately after the International Festival was over for an early dinner. 

I have a small group of good girlfriends.  Ones you can confide in, who have your back, who you and your children do things with.  Almost all of my good friends have only boys. Once they hit 1st or 2nd grade - you really only know the mom who have the same sex as your child.  Gone are co-ed birthday parties, sports teams, parties, play dates all are the same sex.  There is only one of my good friend with a daughter my son's age, 10.

My friend, with a daughter, and I met four shorts years ago.  We both happened to be at the same event for new families to the school.  We set at a table near the back and another couple asked to sit with us.  It was both out first year at the school . . . we both had 1st graders . . . we both had the same teacher!  We hit it off . . .

Many meals, girl's night out, play dates, Christmas parades, charity galas and volunteer shifts later . . . we are still good friends.  Our kids are close.  We see each other often.  We talk often and we are good cheerleaders for each other.

My friend and I often see things alike, and why wouldn't we - no wonder I like her so!  She has my best interest in mind and looks out for me.  She is the same person that told me to hold a letter I was going to send and she is someone who will challenge me if I get too far out in left field.  We are both conservative . . . personally and in raising our children.

My friend has a small family. Her parents are deceased and his parents are deceased.  She has one brother, and he doesn't have any siblings.  We are fortunate that they are willing to spend holidays with us. 

Both of my boys adore her daughter.  They want to sit by her - all the time!  During movies, in the car, at the parade, for meals - you can generally find one of my boys on each side of her . . . and you can find them both vying for her attention.  She so sweetly gives it!

As we adults were piling into a big booth, last Friday night, at Snuffer's . . . the children were piling in one right behind us.  There her daughter sits by our oldest.  Our youngest child was sulking that he wasn't by her side - but she sweetly, extended a hand across the table - so he could hold it and be close to her like that.

The children were drawing and playing tic tac toe.  The adults were talking about school, we discussed two children who "share" way too much info and have exposed our children to words )I believe) are made up but mean a whole lot of nasty stuff . . . and bless anyone with this condition . . . just sayin!  We talked about how fast these kids are growing and before we know it we were talking about middle school . . . girlfriends . . . and dating!  We again discussed the adoration my boys, and a few others, have for my friend's daughter. 

And it was there . . . that I almost pulled a Cynthia Bailey from RHOA . . .On an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta . . . Cynthia was worried for her friendship with NeNe Leakes and Cynthia wanted NeNe to commit to working things out, via a friendship contract, so that they remain friends.
So . . .  it was with the spirit of staying friends despite issues and the possibility of hurt feelings that might come up . . . I said to my good friend . . . You have to promise me . . . right now . . . we will stay friends through our children dating! 
There was a brief pause . . . and then we all busted out laughing . . . I warned her . . . her can be handsy!  My friend thinks my comment is too funny and she laughs at it!  Even thought we are all laughter . . . I think she realizes . . . this is a real possibility!

See, I know, my friend's daughter, will be one of many.  She most likely will be the first true girlfriend.  And as with all first girlfriends there will be an end to it at some point.  I just hope when that day comes . . . that the kids can walk away as friend . . . and that this mother lion . . . remembers ALL she loves about her good friend, and that daughter of hers, . . . who just broke the heart of my sweet baby boy!!!

OH . . . to be young and in love again!

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