Monday, March 26, 2012

Second One . . .

There were many years between baby number one and baby number two.  I was infact - certain there wouldn't be a number two.  I stood in Houston's . . . on Beltline . . . talking with a friend of my MIL . . . and she asked "so, will you have any more children?"  NO . . . NO - We are done.  My MIL is an only child . . . my husband is an only child . . . and I was certain . . . we would have only one child!

I have found in life - as soon as you make proclimations, life pulls a fast one.  While making my proclamations on no more babies . . . I was already pregnant.

For years my girlfriends gave me grief about how particular I was with everything for our first. 

There was no 5 second rule.  He was expected to behave.  He would dine with us out - and he was a perfect gentlemen.  Never a piece of clothing with a button missing, stain, spot, tear . . . nothing but perfection when he walked out of the house.  His face would be clean, hands washed, and hair perfectly coiffed!

I was the preppy/classic mom dresser. We didn't do sport shorts or t-shirts with stuff on them.  Never would a character grace my child's body - nothing commercialized.  No light up tenny shoes, tenny shoes with things on them.  We were preppy/classic - Ralph Lauren - head to toe - Neiman Marcus private label, Eiseman, Orient Expressed, Burberry, Strausberger, Carriage Boutique, Le Top - occasionally a little Gap was thrown in but only seasonal items. 

I was particular about his clothes, the way he looked and most importantly . . . the way he behaved.

WOW . . . what a second child can do to you!

Disclaimer . . . That my over attentive . . . anal . . . obsessive . . . perfection with everything for baby number one past . . .  DOES NOT mean I love baby number two any less . . . it just means I have setteled in!

It is a shame we all aren't girl friends any longer - I would owe them a . . .  yup, you were right!

I am not the same parent with number two as I was with number one . . . and I think we all might be better off for it!

Today - at baby number two's soccer game - he did a summersault - got muddy.  We just laugh.  We striped him down before he gets in my husband's car and we move on.

He comes home - just runs around in his unders - happy as can be.

I am getting him ready for a birthday party and unlike all those years ago . . . He is not in a polo pique shirt, with a color coordinated short, with a belt, whilte ralph lauren socks and nike's.  He is ready for some fun . . . with a t-shirt my sister brough him back from Ireland last year (she pub crawled through Ireland) some sport shorts from the Gap and orange crocs.

I think the saying is . . . wisdom comes with age . . .and I can certainly say I have aged!!! I can also say I have learned it is about them having fun and being boys!!!!

Notice the busted face, chocolate on the shorts, cut on the legs and big smile!

Boys will be boys!


  1. I will encourage both of my nephews to Pub Crawl through Ireland someday!

  2. Don't forget Germany, Uptown, Downtown, Greenville and Hat Tricks!