Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest . . . The New Martha Stewart

Damn you  . . . Martha Stewart.

For years Martha showed us how the top 1% of crazy, bitchy, over achievers do it.  And for as many years as I can remember . . . I have wanted to be her! I TRIED to be her!  One problem . . .

I don't possess Martha's  . . .

ability to bake

ability to garden

ability to craft

ability to reupholster furniture

ability to whip up a five course meal with just mayo, frozen pizza, lime juice and freezer burned pork ribs. 

Actually, I am not sure even Martha could do that . . . well, that bitch can do everything!

I got her magazine.  I recorded her TV show and specials.  I bought her cook books -  I bought her products. She could do more in 30 minutes than I could accomplish in 1 month.

She made it all look easy, made it appear accessible. Made me feel that if I could do this, craft that, grow those . . . I too could be just as happy as she was! Even after her comeuppance . . . She was still higher than high . . . hanging with Diddy!

Crazy how some things change and stay the same.

The accessibility of the better life . . . that Martha spent all those years making up feel was just a craft away . . .  is now . . . just a click away.  Pinterest, or P-Interest as I like to call it because it annoys my sister SO . . . MUCH, is so available and yet still so unattainable.

I pin it all - truly . . . I do.  I want to make it all, create it all, organize it all, host a party for it all, repaint it all, remodel it all, visit places, do special things with my children and learn ways to be a better . . . friend, mother, sister, daughter, wife, dog owner and tone my ass!

Pinterest . . . is The New Martha Stewart. 

So . . . Damn You Pinterest!  You make me think I can do it all . . . You make me want to do it all . . . and you . . . are setting me up for failure!


Hope Over Achiever . . . one day

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