Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break . . .

I wanted more from this Spring Break . . . in fairness, I want more from all of them.  But I am not willing to make the sacrifice.

Long ago we established a trend on Spring Break.  My husband would schedule trials, depositions, mediations, settlement negotiations during Spring Break.  It generally forces the other side to compromise since they want to leave town.  Usually speaking - he gets favorable results with this tactic.

In typical form - he did the same this year - and guess what it worked so well - he is all settled, negotiated, mediated and trialed up - and now he has nothing going on this week.

So yesterday, while having dinner at Mignon (don't do it - another blog topic) we were sitting on the patio, with our boys, the temp was perfect out, enjoying good food while the boys were throwing bread to the ducks - and it hit me - this is great - I loved hanging on a patio on such a beautiful evening . . . at the same time . . . I wanted to be anywhere but Dallas!

But . . . I am the problem.

Long ago - when he developed this strategy, for bending people to his will, we were childless.  We traveled when ever we wanted - and for how ever long we desired.  We did 3 weeks cruising Europe, 3 weeks in Germany, 2 weeks on a beach in Florida - 10 days here . . . 13 days there.  We traveled in the off seasons and . . . I quite like it.  No March travel . . . No Summer travel . . . No Thanksgiving Break travel . . . No Holiday travel!

See . . .I don't like a crowd - this isn't some OCD thing - I just don't like waiting in lines, messing with riff raff, having limited options due to too many people.  I don't like the mentality that comes with the "I'm gonna get mine" stressed out - time crunch travelers.  So, I don't do it.  I cannot change them . . . so I change my approach.

And I suffer the consequences . . .

I am thankful for another beautiful day in Dallas, again another patio dinner with the family night . . . I am thrilled it isn't raining like last weekend. 

I just wish I was somewhere else, but I am not. 

So, for now . . . I am planning our trips for the year - again in off travel seasons - Mexico - early May, Puerto Rico - my father-in-law's retirement from the military for a third time - so the government determined this time frame - a 15th year anniversary trip in September and Disney World in mid November for our youngest 5th birthday!

To all of you out there having ALL THE FUN . . . you keep doing it - you have all the fun! 
I will be here in Dallas, with some cute little guys, trying to make the best of it . . . avoiding the crowds!

You be sure to keep posting those pictures of your beautiful families on Facebook.  I am living through your Spring Break this year and . . . we have have the best time at the beach and in the mountains!!!

Lots of love you all - and safe travels home!

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