Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good . . . Clean . . . Fun . . .

FOR YEARS, my mother hounded me.  She wanted to take our oldest to the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Greenville Avenue, here in Dallas. 

For probably the same amount of years, my sister and her friends have had a "float" in the parade . . . and I want to use "float" in the loosest sense of the word!  It is more like a . . . delivery device . . . for a throng of green beer drinkers . . . to get from point A to point B.  They even have a port - o - potty!!

I protested for years . . . years!  I'd say things like "I don't want him exposed to all that alcohol."  "I don't want him to see alcohol glamorized", clearly I thought green beer could be!  "I don't want him exposed to all that trash and nonsense."

And then . . . I went!  Last year, my mother, my two boys and myself went.  And . . . while it isn't the Children's Medical Center Christmas Parade . . . it wasn't the booze whore fest I expected it to be either!

First off - I have to lay the ground work . . .

1 - Goo, my mother, said we HAD to be there early to get a good spot.  She clearly was thinking, our choice of prime spots on the route - not any spot would do - she knew exactly where she wanted to be and she wanted to claim her spot . . . no unlike the settlers moving West!! 

Family friendly fellow!
2 - Our objective was to see Julie, the sister, and her friends roll on by - throw the boys some beads - and we would be out of there and on with our day.  This was not going to be a full day event.

3 - Goo's prime spot . . . might have been total genius considering, the young children 9 & 3, that we had with us.  She found us a spot, BEFORE the start of the parade - not as in time but as in place!  We were about 9 floats before the starting line of the parade.  I refuse to give out  our location for fear someone might try to claim our land!

This totally worked for us!  The boys were able to go up close and see the floats, watch as the people put on their last minute decorations.  We were able to "hang out" on Julie's green beer drinker's delivery device.  We got lots of pictures and lots of beads, and not a single shirt was raised!

Crazy ladies tossing green tortillas.
Our placement, for the parade, was perfect!  It was early on, long before the drinking gets out of hand, as if you can say that about people drinking at 9:00am on a Saturday morning!  Our location kept us from seeing nonsense, from seeing tiny girls throwing up, inappropriate behavior, and inappropriate language!

It was windy, a little chilly and a whole lot of fun!

Good idea to have a floatie!
THANK YOU . . . Mark Cuban for saving this Dallas tradition and . . . if I say so myself . . . this family friendly event!

Top of the Morning to Ya!
Very family friendly!


  1. I would just like to set the record straight and make sure facts are presented accurately, we do not have green beer!
    Looking forward to this Saturday! We are "float" number 27 so make sure to holla at me! WOOHOO!

  2. Dearest Reader . . . .I am grateful you decided to set the record straight and the straightening out part . . . was about green beer! I am certain I have seen green beer in one of your lovely ladies cups! Perhaps it was SG or EB or HPG's cup . . .

  3. We are clearly a parade family. Always fill a bleacher at the Childrens parade first sat in December and always lots of work but so much fun. For years Julie and friends have floated down Greenville. The beginning routes the best place and as soon as the last float starts down the route, we have seen the decorated floats and our boys are covered with beads. Julie makes sure her nephews have a great time with beads. Thank you Mr Cuban for loving Dallas. Here's to sunshine and beads on Sat. Jen great blog and what time do I pick you up for our party.