Friday, March 9, 2012

Not Gonna Deny it . . . .I am sad!

Not gonna deny it . . . I am sad.

Approximately two months ago I wrote about our youngest applying for private school.  We got our answer today.

So, I am sitting here in my study, the lights are low, blinds open and it is raining outside. AND . . . I am sad.  I am going to give myself the time to write this to be sad and then I am moving on.  Enough of this . . .

See, he is in a great school - we have been happy with his school.  We cannot argue with the success they have with their students.  I highly recommend his school to families looking.  We just wanted our boys at the same school - a 12 year school.

Jake knows more than Scoots did at this age.  He can take a puzzle of S. Amercia - with no labels on the puzzle - and he can identify every country, he is currently working on Africa.  At 4 he knows Geometry terms and shapes I am certain I didn't get until middle school.  He can read letters, he can add and subtract without using his fingers or manipulatives.  He most certainly is smarter at his 4 years 3 months than anyone is our family was.

When the school called to tell us he was not getting in this year, she volunteered it was his testing that held him back.  His high "average" testing wasn't strong enough. I know he knows more, but it didn't translate.  His verbal abilities along with logic and reasoning are considered "superior" to that of the peers in his class.  Jake's school, recently told us they would miss him, that he brought much to the classroom conversation and moved topics along.  She was certain he would get in.

So . . . as I sit here . . . second guessing it all - I am going to say - the morning he went to testing he was fine.  He and Dad went, no Mom, so that there wouldn't be separation issues.  While he didn't perform to the best of his ability, CLEARLY . . . the fact the tester showed up late and rushed through the door wasn't a good start to that morning or the helpful in that stressful situation.

The tester told my husband she had a newborn, and had been up with it all night.  She told him she hadn't sleep and the baby was the reason she was late.

I am sure he took it all in, and sent Jake in a room, with minimal distractions, and a sleep deprived new mother - and this determined his acceptance.  The fact they were done in 25 mins, should have been a sign to us, being that the test for a 4 year old takes 40+ mins.  We thought he had done well since the tester told Jake, "Greenhill will be very lucky to have you."

Again, I am sitting here - I have just a few lines left to be sad . . . it is probably just my pride that has me sad or the loss of this opportunity for Jake.  Either way - we love him lots . . . and we know . . . he is smart!

My husband and I have decided to have him retested.  We want to know if that morning was a fluke or part of a trend.  Either way we will have an answer and a plan for his future.  We don't want to set him up to fail in the pressure cooker of private schools, we want success for our sweet baby - we want him to love learning - we want him to be happy!

SO - I am now officially over it and I have to go kick some little boy butt in Skylanders in the gameroom!  I play the winner of the next battle!

and I am off to the next battle . . .

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