Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The "Did You Know" Girl . . .

I have a really good friend who I so enjoy.  She is a bit sarcastic, a bit of a perfectionist and the perfect amount of snotty!  I adore her for all of these reason.  We met 4 years ago at a new parent orientation.  And we have been tight ever since.

My friend is a bit of a Martha Stewart.  She gardens, makes clothes, not many, for her son, volunteers and at times works at the school as a substitute.  She is also a SAHM but she is far more productive than I am.

My friend is often in the know and when she wants me to know she says "Did you know" . . . and then spills the beans.  I usually love these little chat we have.  She generally operates out of facts, not a real gossip monger type.  She is generally careful with her words also.  I call tell when she calls, her voice gives her away, that she has something she wants me to know.

So when she calls me and says "Did you know your son" . . . HOLD UP!  I stop listening the minute she says son.  I start recalling every little story he has told me, every little thing he says his friend did, for I know that is code for him being involved!  I am partially listening but I am most certainly getting my defense ready.  I am his mommy and you do not want to go there. 

My good friend say "It seems there has been some kissing going on at school in the bushes."  I quickly respond with - "that is so old news.  You have got to get a better more up to date source, that happened in 2nd grade."  I will not sell my son out over the phone and generally not in person but you can bet behind closed doors he is hearing it.  The kissing thing did happen in 2nd grade, we addressed it then as a family and well, we realize he is a bit of a Casanova and has always loved the ladies.  See, I am not selling him out here either!

"Well, did you know . . . that he like Susie Q?"   "Well, my son told him he didn't have a chance with her."  I am telling you now, thems fighting words!  After I unleash a can of whoop ass on her, then my mother, my sister, my MIL and on down the line.  Look, he is a cute kid, just like everyone else, but when you say he can't or won't I am telling you he will!

The last bit of "Did you know  . . . that he snuck in the Girl's cabin on their 4th grade retreat and stole panties."  My sweet angel had told me all about it and thank heavens he did, I DO NOT like being the last one to know.  Truth was his whole cabin snuck to scare the girls, not just him.  Now, was he the ring leader, I am willing to bet he was.  He has attended Sky Ranch summer camp for 4 years now and Camp Longhorn summer camp for 3 years.  Sneaking into the cabins is what you do. That is part of the fun of being away at camp. I can remember this happening when I was at summer church camp at Mt. Lebanon, you know those crazy Baptist kids and especially the preacher's kid! I can assure you he would not steal undies, scaring the girls and having them yell was reward enough!

I am and will always be his stronger supporter and the first one to put him in his place.  I will defend him until I have no breath if he is in the right.  As long as he is honest with me about what is going on I have no intention to change things.

I may not like what is going to happen down the rode, but if we can keep the lines of communication open I will be able to give him advice with out coming across as preachy!  Right now it is small silly things like kissing girls, cabin raids and who he is liking.  It won't always be this way.

So, the next time Did You Know Girl . . . says anything I will be ready to defend his honor or laugh about what your children are out there doing!!!

By the way . . . Did you know . . .

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