Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who Does This . . .

I raced around this afternoon.

Had to get Jake at 11:45am.  Then off to the most hellish of places where all women who want to burden everyone with their crying baby go to have lunch, Purple Cow.  I am rushing Jake to get his drink order in.  And he changes his mind three times before we can place an order. The waiter didn't want to take our order then, he wants to get the drinks first.

Now if you have every been to, this more adored by children and hated by mother's who don't have crying children, of a placed called Purple Cow you would know they are slow.  I knew it and I went anyway with a very packed day.  See, I thought we would be smarter - we could get in and get out before that noisey group got there.  I was foiled!

We finally got out of there and back home just in time for the sitter to be here to watch Jake while I run to the Dr.  I get him squared away.  He is going to play outside on the beautiful afternoon in late January.  He has a nerf gun, his plan is to shoot bad guys from the bridge of his fort. Bad guys = squirles?  Trash collectors?  Immaginary guys?

I tell the sitter I will sneak out the front while they are out back.  That I will lock the door behind me and for them to have fun.  I also say I shouldn't be too long, afterall the Dr. is 10 mins from my house - a quick visit, on my way . . .
I leave the house at 1:43pm.  I arrive by 1:52pm.  I bounce up the stairs to his office and through the door all in time for my 2:00pm appointment.  I check in at 2 on the dot.  Any moment they will call me back!  Any moment!

I sit I flip through the latest D Magazine, the one with the hand crafted chocolates, that are personally painted.  If I had know they were personally painted I would have taken more time scarfing them down!  Well, at least another minute to scarf them down.  BTW - Chocolate Secrets has a most amazing sea salted carmel in chocolate!  Back to flipping - I read about Crytal Charity Ball, Tom Leppert, people looking for love, AKA hook ups on Craig's list, John Wiley Price making a mess out of Cedar Hill - holy cow it is 2:13pm.

He must be finishing up soon - why haven't I been called back - stick me in a room - do something - I want some progress.  Sooo done with D Magazine now and onto Words with Friends.  I have three games with cousin Mary that need a response.  I did all I could do with tons of As, U, V, L and B - you cannot imagine how hard it is to make a word . . .  1 on a crafty player like Cousin Mary but 2 with nonsense letters like those. It is now 2:24pm.

I am thinking - I have to pick Scoots up in like 45 mins - I need this to be quick.   I need to get out of here.  OK - I will give him until 2:30 to get his act together and then I am just done.  I am ranting in my head. thinking I need to get home to get Jake, Scoots has to be picked up, get home work done, get a snack, off to swimming at 5pm, need to check on dinner, do I pre make the rice and warm it or just make it when we get back.  Phone calls, check lists going off in my head, clearly as I wait this person thinks I have nothing better to do but sit here!

Who does this?  Who doesn't value someone's time.  Who thinks they are so important that they don't have to keep an appointment?  That they don't have to be on time?  That they can keep people waiting?  WHO DOES THIS?

Granted the Dr. may have been saving a life, or having a snack, back from surgery, chatting on the phone or checking email.  No matter what it was my expecatations should have been managed better by someone telling me he was running late and when I can expect to see him.  I get he is a Dr and has people counting on him.  Well guess what buddy, I have people counting on me, so don't waste my time anymore! 

Happy Pinning and Venting!

* We can be honest it is not just Dr.s that keep people waiting!  So . . . do better!!!!

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