Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 . . . A Possible Code of Conduct?

I decided to take Spanish in high school so I could understand what my boyfriend's parents were saying about me.  Little did I know, it wasn't much!  Fortunately, some of the Spanish I learned stuck and I use it frequently.  I use it when we travel.  I use it when I want to talk to my husband (yup, same guy from high school) about our children. And I use it to tell my children to do things.  Did you get that?  TELL them!!!  I use the command form, I learned in Spanish many years ago, to TELL them to do things.

I will say things like:

Cierre la puerta - Close the door.

Venga aqui - Come here.

Cepillo de dientes - Brush your teeth.

In Spanish and in English the "YOU" being you, is understood.  When I say cierra la puerta - you know I am telling you to close the door.  So, when I read this sign the YOU is understood as well.  You must work hard! You must use kind words. You must remember you are loved!

We have a sign in our kitchen similar to this one.  It read Portela Family Rules.  These rules are commands to my children, my husband, our family and all those that enter.  They are not made to be broken, they must be adhere to. 

As I guide our two young men, that I love so dearly, through life I command them to Work Hard, Be Proud of Yourself, Use Kind Words and Always tell the Truth.  The Portela Family Rules serve as a code of conduct.  This code of conduct provides our boys with something to live by, something to help them conduct themselves, it gives them a safety net to know what is expected of them!

Unfortunately, my Spanish isn't good enough to say to you everything on this sign.  But know, in my best command voice, I say to you . . . remember you are loved!

Happy Pinning!

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