Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2 . . . Still going strong!

HA!  Going strong!!!  Who can't keep something up for at least two days?  It is usually day 5 when New Year's resolutions are out the window.  But if you never start . . . you never have to quit!  I've started and I'm committed!

We have just two precious days left home from holiday break 2011-2012.  In an unfortunate/fortunate kinda way we spent much more time than normal with our boys.  My children ADORE their grandmother, my mother.  Technically, they adore all their grandparents and their aunt and each for a very different, but special, reasons.  My mother, Goo, as we call her, hung the moon according to the boys!  She can do no wrong.  The unfortunate part this holiday season is that Goo got sick and the boys weren't able to play or spend the night at her house much.  The fortunate part is that we spent more time with the boys than planned and really got to enjoy them.

So, with just two days left I thought this sign was exactly what I was feeling, what I want our children to remember about this Christmas break, to feel when they think back on Christmas 2011-2012.

Christmas decorations be damned!  We spent the day playing games, playing with friends, watching a movie in the media room - complete with the popcorn bar open for business, hosted friends for a meal, played military, climbed the fort, jumped on the trampoline, ran around in the 60+ temperature and read some books.

There wasn't any unloading of the dishwasher, picking up the game room, or doing laundry.  It was just fun stuff that we did with the boys.  It was a really fun day.  So often I am "requesting" assistance with things around the house - we had NONE of it today.

I absolutely enjoyed just hanging out with them today.  I hoping they remember today as fondly as I do.

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