Friday, May 11, 2012

Sand in Places . . . Only in Mexico

I am often overhead saying . . . while in Mexico . . . "Only in Mexico."

My "only in Mexico" always refers to something we are doing, seeing or experiencing that would not happen anywhere in the United States.  Clearly, Mexico is either a less litigious society or they don't have as many attorneys around.  Some of the things we have done here in Mexico . . .  you would never find in the United States . . . without a protest, arrest and a full on brawl!

Last Tuesday morning, in Mexico, we hung out at the house.  Just hung out in the pool, playing in the ocean, reading on a chaise lounge feet from the ocean . . . waves crashing . . . nice wind . . . burning my fair skin.  It was a good morning!

We decided we would go into Playa del Carmen for some shopping and dinner.  We have to stop by the Super Rama to pick up some necessary supplies . . . the right coconut mix for the pinas!  Stop one is done on to 5th street.

5th street is classic tourist hot spot . . . cheap Mexican junk, and people attempting to lure you into their place to buy their cheap Mexican junk.  We buy! 

5th street has changed in recent years.  It seems Capitalism has taken hold.  You are now not hounded by the bum smelling of piss and liquor, who just wants you to give him money.  It is more like Bourbon Street in New Orleans where every 20 feet or so . . .someone or something is attempting to perform in order to earn your money. 

I like this much better.

The boys get bobble head animals.  They are $1 a piece so who cares if they become wounded in battle, get lost or are forgotten there.  My MIL's mother wants a shirt, my MIL wants a swim suit cover up.  My good friend Lisa wants me to bring her back some Mexican Vanilla and I would have been content . . . maybe . . . with not buying anything but I am a buyer!  I bought the boys a t-shirt and I purchased myself another Mexican skull.  It is not as gross as you might think.  These are painted.  I used them for decorations when I do a Mexican themed party, they are really more dia de los muertos than anything!  I am still hunting authentic sombreros - also for decorations for my Mexican parties. My husband buys nothing but pays for it all and my FIL buys a shirt that reads "who needs Google . . . My wife knows everything."  It could not be more accurate!

We have walked down probably 10 blocks and now we must walk back to the car.  As we are walking back I have an agenda . . .  As we walked the 10 blocks the first time we passed a side alley.  In that side alley were some young men.  They had a baby puma, jaguar, monkey and a not so baby Bengal tiger . . . OK say it with me . . . Only in Mexico.  We had stopped on our way down the 10 blocks to check out his set-up.. The guys wanted $30 for 1 picture of 1 child with 1 of the animals.

On our way back I intended to get a picture but I wasn't going to pay that crazy price of $30.  So, I pause . . . and here begins the game.  I am standing in the middle of the street, I look over at the ring leader AKA money collector.  I say in my dumb blond way . . . "It was 20 for a picture! Right?"  This lets them know I am a buyer at $20 and I was.  He came back with $30.  I say "no, no gracia."  Now he counters.  "3 for $30" he sees I have two kids - instantly he know I want each kid by themselves and then together.  I wave him off and again say "no, no gracia."  And start to walk away.  HINT . . . You have to be willing to walk away.   I want this picture but he cannot know it.  He counters again "3 for $20."  Deal done!  I ask my husband to pay the man and we are in the alley!

Again . . . only in Mexico . . . right?!  I probably got 5 shots.  Our youngest held the jaguar and the oldest held the puma.  Both were such beautiful cats!  The Bengal tiger just layed on the ground . . . asleep with people walking within inches of him.  Children were crouched down . . . . within inches of him . . . had he bother to wake up . . . he could have had a tasty lunch!  In typical fashion . . . he was taking a siesta!

I am marginally please with my pics.  Jake struggled with holding the jaguar, Scoots held the puma.  BOTH were whining . . . the cats (I cannot reproduce the sound in type . . . sorry).  Call me, I can do the audio perfectly!  Neither really wanted said children holding them but hey . . . I want my picture and . . . they wanted the money.

Missions Accomplished . . . .only in Mexico . . .

The animal pictures were the highlight of my trip in to Playa del Carmen. 

On our way to dinner we countered the high flying guys from xcaret.  They climb a pole very high up in the air and then wind their rops around the cnter of the pole.  One ready . . . AKA - they have collected donations from the crowd . . . twice, they fall off the top of hte pole backwards and fly upside down until their rope os completely let out. 

Name one spot in the US here crazy guys with no safety harness do this trip . . . Can anyone say ATTORNEY????

We went to dinner at Los Ranchero.  We were promised an ocean view and air conditioning . . . Only in Mexico . . . can the advertising be so misleading . . .

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  1. So true only in Mexico. If you bare interested in going to Cancun we were safe at all times. No one was afraid of anything. I great 2hour and 22 min flight and you are on the ocean. Love Cancun or maybe its just ai great family get away.