Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sand in Places . . . Not Doing Much . . .

We said we would take it easy this trip.  We said we didn't want to have a full week of sight seeing . . . after all, we are hear just about every year and we have done most of what this place has to offer. 

We want to relax . . . decompress . . . just enjoy the boys . . . and family.

And so we did . . .

We woke to two boys . . . very excited to be in Mexico.  SO . . .  excited they woke at 4am . . . there is no picture of this.  They went room to room . . . waking everyone . . . climbing in their bed and snuggeling until you had to get up.  It was right around 6:30am when I got downstairs.  There everyone is hanging out . . . we were commenting on the excitment of two sweet boys and I explained how everyone (the grandparents) should handle said children getting up way too early . . .in the future. SEND THEM BACK TO BED AND TELL THEM THEY CANNOT GET UP UNTIL SOMEONE COMES AND GETS THEM.

The boys are in their swim trunks.  Breakfast will be set up pool side by 8:00am . . . come on 8:00 am!  The rest of us get dressed in swim gear and prepare for a day of doing nothing but hanging out by the pool/ocean . . .just as soon as we are done with bereakfast.

Time does not fly by . . . and we finally make it to 8:00am.  Christopher, the chef, delivered and set it up pool side.  The boys both had waffles, my FIL and myself had breakfast tacos, my mother and MIL had eggs with sides and my husband an omelet.  BEST BREAKFAST EVER . . . pool side . . . family near . . . hearing the ocean . . . feeling the breeze in your hair . . . and the sun on your back.

The boys are done quickly, the adults sit and talk about schedules, the boys, when is the next meal.  It is then I realize I am getting hot . . . my back is starting to feel tight.  I move around the table . . . unfortunately I am burned, but I have yet to fully notice.  Burned in less than 1 hour . . . gee I love fair skin!

We all hung out in the pool . . . around the pool.  Had pina coladas pool side and snorkled the reef just off the shoreline in front of our house. 

We swam . . . We snorkeled . . . We boogie boarded . . .  We built sand castles . . . We drank pina coladas . . . We drank pina coladas . . . We drank pina coladas . . . they were worth the repeat!

Mid-afternoon I made lunch for our boys and we ate at the table facing the ocean.  Back to the sand to repair a sand castle taken out by a wave.

The massage therapist arrived around 5:30pm.  First the girls go, then the boys with a 15 minute mini massage for Jake.  He loved every minute. 

We got dressed and went to the Palapa for dinner.  Jake got chicken finger and fries everyone else got arrachera steak.  We sipped on Sangria, danced with the boys, enjoyed our dinner in an outdoor dining room and it was just us.  There was a extremely competetive game of foosball.  Jake and I won!

It was around 9:45 and everyone went off to bed.

It was a day full of doing nothing, somehow we are tired from doing nothing and . . . .it just what we needed.

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