Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekenders . . .

Starting with last Monday my husband wanted to go to the lake house.  He suggested it at least once a day.  I wasn't up for going.  I would check the weather . . . I was looking for a reason  not to go . . .  but as it goes here in North Texas . . . it can change from minute to minute. 

We determined if it wasn't going to rain we were going . . . :/ 

We checked the weather daily . . . the Texas rain storms kept eluding us . . .me.  I just might have to go.

The lake house is like living back in the early 90s - spotty wifi, bad cell reception, average restaurants, lots of land with not much to do . . . but sleep!

It isn't that I don't like the lake house . . . it is just I have stuff to do in Dallas and would rather be here than at the lake without access to my . . . stuff.

We were last at the lake house in July of 2011.  Texas had suffered a major drought and the lake was drying up . . . dried up.  The water that fills our lake run down stream from Tarrant County.  Well . . . the story goes . . . Tarrant County wasn't releasing any water and was selling it instead.  At one point I heard the lake was down 14 feet.  I am not sure it was really 14 feet but I can assure you . . . it was down!

April 2011
We had gone to the lake house then to get away from the city and ride the jet skis.  With children playing weekend spots we don't often have the opportunity to get out there.  Our oldest had just gotten back from camp - so we headed to the lake.

We were beyond disappointed . . . the water level was the lowest we had ever seen.  We had a beach in front of our property at least 20 feet wide, where normally the water is at the edge of our grass.  The water in the channel was dried up and we couldn't get our jet skis out.

So, it was with the news of the water level being back up . . . and the possibility to ride the jet skis . . . that the husband wanted to go.  So, we went.

We decided to keep the boys out of school on Friday and get an early start on the weekend.  Up and with car packed by 8am . . . we were off.

1st stop  - Walmart - seriously what does this store not have?  Not only can you get some lacy thongs (I am not a buyer) - you can get gas cans . . . which is what we were there to get.  Our cans at the lake house were old, we needed new ones.

2nd stop - Central Market - I could spend hours here and with the ENTIRE family in tow . . . we did.  Everyone got the items they wanted - fresh fruit, fresh juice, snacks, candies, muffins, cookies and on

3rd stop - Movie Trading Company - it seems there are no Blockbusters in our neck of the woods - a weekend at the lake house MUST have movies.

4th stop - Speeding Ticket - 82 in a 60!!!! AND $300 fine . . . when did speeding get so expensive?

5th stop - Brookshires - FINALLY we were at the lake - we roll in there about 11:30am.  The looks start in the parking lot - the looks of . . . HUH?  Entering the store, we grab a buggie.  We are talking with the boys - checking to see if they need - yogurts and we get crazy looks . . . string cheese . . . more looks.  I am beginning to wonder if we look like aliens in the store.

We are over picking up some soft drinks . . . I ask my husband to check pricing - I refuse to pay more than $3. for a 12 pack.  Call me cheap . . . their 12 packs were 3 for $12.  No way was I going to pay that . . . and then someone did it.  They jumped out of their comfort zone and said "Ya'll are weekenders" . . . as if that means something.

Being a weekender does mean something to the locals. See on Friday us "weekenders" upset their tranquil lives.  We add cars to the road, they peacefully travel at the SPEED LIMIT on, something I have clearly established I have trouble with . . .  We make getting from point A to point B more difficult.

We create havoc at their local hot spots - all the sudden it is harder to dine out at the local hot spots The Ranch House, Vitoni's, Catfish Corner - all of the sudden . . . it takes longer and they have to work around us.

The lines become longer . . . it might be the line at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard or the lines at Walmart to buy the essentials for the weekend.  We create delays, we create a demand, we create choas in a somewhat simple town with a simple way of life.

At first I was insulted in the way the gentleman on the coke isle said "Ya'll are weekenders."  As if . . . we were bad people.  We have had a home here since 1999, I have been coming to this lake since I was a child.    Maybe he was being funny . . . as in - you have no clue what things cost around here.  Finally . . . we just took it as a compliment - after all there were a few other things he could have said and calling us "weekenders" isn';t all that bad!

Right outside the kitchen window.
I realized we present a different lifestyle - one they are not familiar with.  We present change - we present an obstacle of them having to get along with and endure "weekenders."  We are also responsible for growth . . . employment . . . revenue . . . we bring to the community . . . economic stability for an area that is lucky to just hang on during off months.  Some business live and die by the summer and the "weekenders."

With the lake down last summer - many people went out of business - the fishermen stopped fishing - they couldn't get their boats on the water.  People stopped coming - so restaurant struggled.  Property values plunged - who will buy a place that should be water front but you have to walk a block to get to it?

I am glad to see the lake is getting back to normal and we "weekenders" can enjoy it.  This morning as I walked into the kitchen I was faced with two men and their dog fishing right outside our windows.  They wave, we wave back.  We go about the business of feeding our children and they go about their business of telling fish tales!

For the record . . . it was a good weekend - we did get to sleep in A LOT - we got out of the jet skis each day - and got to kick back and enjoy our weekend as "weekenders."

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