Monday, March 5, 2012

Girl . . . Friends?

It is Sunday night . . . the house is quiet!  Both of my sweet baby boys are fast asleep, and I am grateful for it! It was a long Sunday!

My husband who is also an early to bed/early to rise (how did I marry this type?) kind of guy is laying next to me.  He also is fast asleep but I am watching the latest episode of Khloe & Lamar! I love me some reality TV, cannot explain why, and it is only certain reality TV.  I am going to save that for another day . . .

Khloe & Lamar . . . in this episode Khloe is taking the "taking care of my man" a little too far.  She means well, but he is feeling like it crushes his manhood . . . COME ON Lamar . . . just get over the fact she cares for you a little too much and move on . . .

During a commercial break there is a commercial for a movie coming out.  I am going to guess the reason I am just hearing about a movie that comes out this Friday is . . .

1 - despite the cast of people , some that I totally love, it sucks

2 - who really wants a movie about how your life just isn't the same once you have kids - and not always, in a good way . . .

 So the name of the movie is . . . Friends with Kids!

The cast has some of my favs - Maya Rudolph, Kristin Wiig, Ed Burns, Jon Hamm as well as some other.  Just as soon as the commercial was done it got me thinking about a group of girls I know.

There are five of us in this group of girls, so I will go ahead and claim my spot. You know me, so I won't go into anymore details on me.  Here are the others characters in this tragedy!

GCG - Good Christian Girl - mom of two, beautiful girls - both promised to my boys . . . another story, both she and her husband have full time jobs that pay and she has flexibility during the day.

SG - Single Girl - Works a full time job, no children, travels freely, extremely dedicated to family and friends but expects the same in return.

PRG - Practical, Reliable girl - has two boys, she worked until having children, husband is a VP of a small company, they are comfortable

UTG - Up Town Girl - has one early elementary school age child, husband is very successful, she is very busy but doesn't not have a job

We all have been friends since before husband and babies.  And just like the premises of the movie things changed once those changes happened.

We are the Dallas version of the Sex in the City girls, and no one will claim to be Samatha! But now . . .
Gone are the nights of hanging out at a bar, drinking having fun.  Gone are the late . . . late nights where everyone crashes at one person's house.  Gone are the afternoon lunches of just the girls.  Gone are the fun evening of a good dinner and some Rock Band . . . well maybe no one plays that anymore . . . Gone is hanging out by the pool and spa days.  Gone are the girl trips!  Gone is making time to check in and check on each other. 

I am not talking about sitting down for a face to face to "dialogue."  I am talking about just checking in and on each other.  Touching base - being generally interested in and caring for a friend, checking in on their life, not making it about yourself.

See, there is a growing hostility among my friends and I have been hesitant to say it.  I know some of these girls meet for lunch and don't tell the group.  I can't blame them.  They are trying to figure out . . .

1 - What is wrong with our friend?

2 - Why is she behaving this way?

3 - What can we do to save this friendship?

I think they are generally sad our friend isn't the same friend we all have know for years.  This isn't just a kid or husband thing.  This is a her problem, she is different. She isn't our fun, loving, have a good time, make time for your friends . . . kind of girl . . . anymore.

part 2 tomorrow . . .


  1. you are becoming the queen of cliff hangers.

    1. FULL DISCLOSURE!!! I hate reading long passages - maybe because I have kids and can get called away at any moment to wipe a bum, clean up and spill or prevent one from taking the other out. So I write in short passages - therefore I can acutally get through something!