Saturday, January 21, 2012

Warning Labels . . .

Our oldest son has asked all week to have a friend over to spend the night.  I had kinda put him off with the  "I'll talk to Dad" move.  Then he asks again.  He is totally into this new Wii game that has swept the world and created a back order of game pieces!  The game is called Skylander.

He and his buddies are talking major sleep overs with several kids bringing their Skylander pieces and hubs.  Linking them to several tvs in our house.  How we need to buy more Wii stations so everyone can play at the same time in the same house.

Finally, mid morning Dad and I have talked.  He hears my reservation about this sleep over which has nothing to do with the young man coming over but more punitive on my part because I think our oldest needs to be taught a lesson and the friend is the consequence.  Dad talks me off the mean horrible parent fence and we place a call for a sleep over.

I call and leave a message for Michael's mom at home and cell.  We get a call back quickly.  Yes he can spedn the night and Yes he is so excited!  Best parent ever . . . right here!  They have some errands to do and will call when they are done.  We go about our day and are off to lunch.

I talk again with the mom, we set a time on when I will come get Michael.  Once we get to Michael's house I ask the mom "are there any allergies?" "Any foods he likes to eat?" "Anything he doesn't like?"  "Any medicines he has to take?"  "Will he be ok with our dog?"  "What time would you like him to go to sleep?"  The questions continue, all so I can ensure this young man has an enjoyable time at my house and so I know what I need to deal with.

Michael is a perfect gentleman - they played for hours in the game room.  Dinner was great, back home the boys got ready for bed and played a little more.  Then it was time for bed.  I tell Michael how my oldest talks in his sleep.  I tell him not to worry he isn't talking to you but just saying things.  Once the boys are tucked in I go back over all the questions making sure I didn't miss anything for Michael.  Then I thought what if people came with warning labels. 

My son's warning label might read: talks in sleep, sweet boy, not competitive, empathetic, needs Zyrtec for bed, vitamins in the morning and doesn't like most veggies, OJ or pasta sauce.

My youngest's warning label might read: headstrong, likes fruit, doesn't like sauces, must pick out own clothes, likes clothes to be the same color like a ninja, needs Kid's Claritin before bedtime, not a big meat eater and loves shrimp.

Mine would say: handle with care, loyal, hard on friendships, attempts to be helpful, strong willed, loves with all she's got, procrastinates, hates doing dishes and laundry.

My husband's would be: strong willed, vocal, hard worker, organized, private, creative, advice dispenser, always right, crafty, always right, master negotiator and always right again.

Think how much easier life would be with labels. Labels would make understanding people easier and quicker.  You would know exactly what you are getting before getting started.  Think about the dating world - how much easier it would be to weed out those just not into you!

Thankfully Michael's label for my house would be: perfectly happy to play games all night, good eater, no meds needed, sweet boy!

I like Michael's label, he is easy.  Are you so easy?  What does your label say?

Happy Pinning!

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