Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Payback . . .

I might be raising a mini Superman. 

He doesn't wear spandex, no blue skin tight suit with some red accents.  He doesn't have glasses, he does, however, have that cute Superman hair, although my son's is less black.  He can scale a dresser and the book shelf next to it!  He can get down his brother's 1000 piece lego without breaking any pieces off it, falling or dropping it from 6 1/2 feet off the ground, so he has the - tall building in a single bound stuff down.
Dressers and books shelves are nothing to this little superman.  He can stack pillow, upon a step stool, upon toddler chair upon kitchen table chair to raid his brother's closet in the game room - again for the legos. He has no trouble getting up and down his make shift ladder.  The kid has some skills.

His antic with the legos completely anger the brother - the brother spends his money, or receives them as gift, he spends the hours building them - reluctantly agrees to hide or place really high on a shelf his masterpiece only for that mini Superman to get his hands on it.

You might be wondering what we are doing about it - we have done time out, spanking with a spanking spoon and taking his toys away.  None of them work!  Spanking his little hiney with a spatula doesn't do anything. It is temporary and not enough to remind him, hey I don't want that to happen again!

I believe this is where my MIL would say - PAYBACK!

Now you could ask my mother - she would say I was a well behaved child.  I didn't walk home from school when I was told not to.  I didn't get my car towed in another city - every other weekend.  I wasn't late for curfew (all things my sister did.) Let me straighten my halo!

It seems my husband wasn't such a perfect child, so I am going to say this is all his fault.

Last night as I was getting our youngest ready to go to bed I discovered the previously mentioned 1000 lego in his drawer. I knew something doesn't look right so I start questioning him.  I take what is left of the lego and put it in his brother's room.  The youngest begs me not to tell Dad.  I tell him "you are the one that will tell dad, not me."  Dad gets told, 3 spankings, a couple of "I'm never" from the 4 year old, and then new consequence - you cannot go to your grandmother's and play or spend the night tomorrow.  This seems to upset him - we will see.

SO, Here I am on MLK day - at home - with the toys in time out - and a child who wants to play legos and my husband is at the office. Why is it I am the front line for his payback, can't this sweet baby do payback from 6pm to 8:15pm each night?

Unfairly tortured by a 4 year old . . .

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