Friday, January 13, 2012

It Is What It Is . . .

Wednesday night about midnight I was shopping online.  I came across the sign below, It Is What It Is.  I loved it - so I pinned it.  I say this all the time, and b o n u s it drives my sister crazy! CRAZY!

I realized this sign was popular when over 2500 pinned or liked it in less than 24 hours.  The comments were in either one of two groups - the "I hate this saying, It's a cop out"  or "I say this all the time" group.

My sister and I - who come from the same parents, raise in the same house,and have experienced many of the same things in life  - completely differ on this saying.  We will call the side that agrees with the saying TEAM JENNIFER and the side that COMPLETELY disagrees with it TEAM JULIE.  We shall hash it out, family style!

TEAM JENNIFER - tends to be your more relaxed type.  Possibly more accepting of others flaws and not such perfectionist. A rolls with the punches crowd.

TEAM JULIE - possibly no children, a tab bit perfectionist, successful at work, needs to have it her way and headstrong. Feels the need to fix it.

Example # 1 - My youngest son was at school and the teacher didn't like the 5 monsters on his Halloween shirt. She had him change into a non-character shirt.  His school prefers non-distracting clothing so the children can work better.  I picked Jake up from school, the assistant handed me a bag of clothes.  I asked Jake where was his shirt.  He said Ms. Calley told him to take it off.  She doesn't like character shirts.

       TEAM JULIE - would be completely enraged at such a ridiculous rule and suggest calling the teacher.
       TEAM JENNIFER - would simply say - It Is What It Is - their classroom - their rules.

Example # 2 - A few years back I was hosting a Christmas party.  December is the month from hell with all the commitments, decorating, children activities, family requirements and traditions to uphold.  Basically - wicked busy!  I was hosting a party for some girlfriends - the house looked nice, balls hanging from the ceiling - lights everywhere - candles in the right places - buffet set for the food, every surface covered.  Julie asked me where were the presents.  I had not wrapped a single gift - the tree, however beautiful, had not one present under it.

     TEAM JENNIFER - It is What It Is - I cannot do anymore - I am exhausted.
     TEAM JULIE - pushed through the exhaustion and wraps gifts complete with beautiful bows.

Example # 3 - My mother, bless her heart, is very kind, loving and generally funny, she is going to read this.  She recently became ill and needed some help.  Julie has been amazing - taking her to appointments, getting meds, being there - talking to her.  Goo, my mom, tends to get about 80% of things accurate - I think the other 20% just doesn't matter to her or she doesn't see the difference in the 20%.  Goo was sent to the grocery store to get certain items for a taco soup recipe.  Beef, corn, hominy, chopped stewed garlic tomatoes, green chilies, onion and so on.  Goo came home with whole stewed tomatoes and not chopped stewed garlic tomatoes.  You see where this is going?

     TEAM JULIE - this is not what the recipe calls for, we need to go back to the store
     TEAM JENNIFER - it isn't right but close enough - It Is What It Is!

It Is What It Is - isn't giving up, waving a white flag, or using it as a cop out.  It is accepting things might not be perfect but certainly workable.  Neither one is absolutely the best or right way to be - ideally you would have some of both!

Once upon a time I was TEAM JULIE.  I had my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving.  I had perfect bows on every present.  I was a stickler for detail, still am to a degree, and often thought less of those who didn't do it "right."  There is value in a Team Julie - they get it done no matter the cost!

As for now and my TEAM JENNIFER, status . . . It works for me.  I cannot be all things to everyone or do everything that is needed.   Sometimes good enough . . . It Is What It Is!

So, where do you fall on It Is What It Is?

Happy Pinning!

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