Saturday, January 14, 2012

Customer Service . . .


LOYALTY - noun - the quality of being loyal to someone or something.

Here in Texas there is a saying, Dance with the One that Brung Ya.  It is one I have know for quiet sometime. Somewhat of a guiding principal. It is easy enough to understand, basically a stick with your date kinda thing.

Or maybe not . . .

In today's economy people are looking for a better deal.  I don't fault them for trying to save money.  Who am I to say what they should do, I don't pay their bills.  Loyalty is out the window on both sides of the coin.  Service providers  are looking to cut back - not provide as much value in what they offer.  Customers are looking around to get more for their money.  Everyone is trying to get theirs and in return dissatisfaction is at an all time high.

My husband and I have been going to this Chinese restaurant since we starting dating back in high-school. We knew the original owner - he would stop by our table, always say hello.  He was a small Asian man, who happened to be a General in the Japanese army many years ago.  He was a very funny character.  When he passed away his son George took over.   George was instrumental in turning this small dark little Chinese restaurant, on some prime real estate, into the busiest nicest Chinese restaurant in town. 

My mother-in-law and I arranged to have a family dinner on Friday night, after my father-in-law had flown back into town.  He wanted Mexican food, but was out voted for our favorite Chinese spot.  We got off to dinner a little late.  We arrive around 6:20pm - upon arriving we see the lobby is packed.  I am settling in for at least a 45 min to hour wait.  From across the lobby George hollers out "Jennifer, how are you?"  The pack lobby meets my gaze at George.  I respond back with a wave and "doing good, George, how are you?"  George shakes my husband's hand and in minutes we are seated at a 6 top table with a bonus chair for our coats.

See George and our family have been in a dance that has lasted for 23 years.  We enjoyed his food when the restaurant wasn't busy.  We ate there frequently when it was dated and dark.  Our family was friendly with his father and remained steadfast supporters of their restaurant through two remodels, a fire and restructuring.  We tell anyone who will listen - George has the best Chinese in town, and especially the best egg rolls!  Our loyalty to their restaurant has in turn made them loyal to us.  It is an added benefit, one we never expected.  George greets us warmly.  He seats us immediately.  He made us dishes that have been off the menu for years.  He delivers to our home, despite being outside his delivery area.  George stops by to visit and makes us feel welcomed.  George even goes out of his way to greet and seat my sister and her friends.

Maybe George thinks I am famous, probably not.  He probably understand the nuances of our dance - he understand that we were there for him and that all we ask of him is to continue his wonderful food.  His bonus gift to us is amazing customer service, he has this thing down.  He knows we are just one of the families that brung him his continued success.

Who do you dance with and remain loyal too?

Happy Pinning!

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