Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Fun Surprise!

My husband and I were taking the boys to visit my mom, Goo last Saturday.  We had just turned onto Beltline when this cute song came on Sirius.  My husband knew the words, he was singing along.

I have mentioned before about my childhood and where I grew up.  My husband's childhood was very different than mine.  His childhood was certainly more metropolitan.  He grew up in N. Dallas.  Went to an elite all boys school.  He went to a liberal college in DC for undergrad and back to Texas for law school. 

My husbands personality is generally very even, not much shakes him to the core.  He is head strong, a master negotiator, and has a love for music. His music taste typically are rap, urban, hard rock and some pop but not the sugary kind!  He is steady and consistent. 

So, as we were heading to Goo's, this cute song came on.  As I said he knew the words, he was singing along and I was shocked.  This song isn't one I would expect him to know or even entertain on the radio for more than 2 seconds.  It doesn't fit him.  But there he sat singing Red Solo Cup, I'll fill you up.  Proceed to party, proceed to party!

I love that after:

6 years of dating from high school through college

3 years of being engaged through law school

4 years of us being DINKs (double income, no kids

Becoming first time parents

Creating an online company

Possibly moving to Hong Kong

Becoming second time parents -  all over the span of  23 years  - that there are still some thing that surprise me about him.  It makes falling in love again and again a little more fun!

I was shocked to hear him belt out this country tune.  For a minute there I wondered who was this guy next to me.  But then our boys in the back seat fighting over Star Wars brought it all home and in a flash!  What has your special someone shocked you, in a good way, with recently!

Happy Pinning!

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