Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blogs, What I Like . . .

So, I am new to this writing blogs stuff.  I am sure it is pretty evident.  I don't know what attracts an audience, what topics are good and you can believe there is no master plan for generating any revenue with this!

I started this blog thinking I would find some words of encouragement off Pinterest.  I would "like" the words, then "Pin" them to my board.  I would then write about how I applied those words or how it affects my family.  Clearly, HUGH SUCCESS, I have two readers . . . my mother and my sister.  Thank you mom and Julie for thinking this is a good idea! Honestly - don't all mother's have to like what their child does? So Julie might be my only true reader?

I had written probably four blog post before anyone was allowed to read one.  My mother's take on them was that I was being truthful yet hard on myself.  My sister, didn't have a take on them, maybe she isn't really reading them.  I think she sees it as a daily update on what goes on here at chaos central!.

I am really the immediate success, immediate gratification kind of gal.  So, with such a booming following I set about to see what the blogs I like/read do.

First up, Snarky in the Suburbs.  Upon my first three reads I thought , how mean.  This woman is rough and karma will bite her with all she is putting out there.  What fiction she is writing.  Until tonight.  I had not followed her until tonight!  I friend posted on FB, FINALLY, Snarky in the Suburbs!  So, while waiting on our oldest I thought I would read it.  It was me in action about 4 years ago at a Junior League meeting.  I saw that is was my life over two hours one March back in 1997.  It  was me, not the lice stuff, but standing up for what I believed in against on overpowering President and her cabinet.  So, I will concede, I like Snarky and maybe she is not so full of bull!

I subscribe to the email updates for the Zoe Report,  I love to look at pretty thing but can I be honest - no one but Rachel Zoe can fit in the stuff she features.  She offers beautiful jewelry - would love it, cannot afford it.  Crazy shoes - ok at 5'7" I don't need a pair of 5" platforms for the football field.  Her blog is a dream blog of what could be if . . . only I was a size zero, 5'4", mega millionaire.  I would die! BANANAS!

Clearly not being a size zero makes me more the food blog type.  One I recently found is The Pioneer Woman,, she has some of the most beautiful pictures and the recipes are so clearly written and easily understood.  I recently made her Cheeseburger Salad - amazingly a big hit with the family!  I want to be this woman's neighbor - she bakes and takes around fresh cinnamon rolls to friends and neighbors for Christmas . . note to self buy a ranch in OK before next December. Sure, right after I become a size zero . . . damn those cinnamon rolls!

I love taking pictures of well just about everything but especially our boys. I am the family photographer.  Trips - they count on me to do them scrap books of our trips.  They request me to take their holiday pictures with our boys.  Slide shows and movies - I do one for their birthday.  I am the go to girl for documentation of our lives.  AND I love the I Heart Faces, blogs - one is tutorials on how to get good pictures.  Another is a Friday fix it - and they teach you how to edit your photos better.  They have weekly contest.  The people that post in the contest completely amaze me with their ability.  I have so much to learn and have learned from them.

Something near and dear to me is . . . PARTIES!  In my work world, long before children, I was a professional party planner for a private family.  1000 attendees at the daughters wedding, million dollar fundraisers for The Salvation Army, a sip and see, baby showers, card games, family dinner and dinner parties for 60.  You think of it and I have done it.  So, I love checking out the new trends in parties.  Catch my Party,, is my go to.  The blog has great pictures.  I find it a bit geared to children but guess what, that is my market now!

 Last but not least, the blog I like for the creative, I am never going to be able to do this, me is Today's Creative Blog,  Immediately, I like the blogger - she says it has to be done in 5 minutes.  Clearly her 5 minutes and mine are different - very different!

Kudos to any mom who can take a bath mat and turn it into a tree skirt.  I am the mom at the store buying the actual tree skirt.  I want to be this girl, but I am not.

So, if you happen to be one of the few who read this post, thank you.

 Blogging is like being a kid in a candy store and you don't know if you want to make the snickers you favorite, or the M & Ms, or the payday, or Hubba Bubba, or butterscotch!

Since I have already established I am not a size zero, I advocate getting them all!

What are your must have blogs?

Happy Pinning!

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