Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday Supper and Swim . . .

For as long as I can remember we have always done dinner with family on Sunday.  Back when I was a kid, it would happen immediately after church.  On the rare occasion we went out for lunch, it was either Wyatt's Cafeteria in Red Bird Mall or La Mancha for Mexican, but we usually would meet up with the extended family for lunch at my grandparent's home.
1974 - Easter
My grandmother was the best cook ever!  Her Sunday meal rotation was limited and so very typical southern food:

1 - Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, okra, green salad and banana pudding

2 - Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green salad, carrots, and banana pudding
3 - Salmon croquettes, Le Sueur green peas, they were my grandfather's favorite, green salad and banana pudding

I have so many fond memories of us playing with my cousins while dinner is being prepared . . . climbing their trees . . . hopscotch on the patio . . .and helping set the table.  The sounds, smells and taste of those foods takes me back to being a kid.

Even as an adult we still did Sunday meals but these were at the lake house.  We would meet my grandparents after church, don't get me started on their lack luster preacher; which is why we weren't at church with them, at either McClain's, The Ranch House, Catfish Corner or the new Mexican restaurant on the lake.  There was no running around playing with our cousins, there were discussions, there was joking and there was talks/plans for the future.

I grew up with this, my husband only experienced it once he met me and we began dating back in 1988.  This was my norm.  This is just what we did. And . . .

We still are doing it.   There are only three of us who remember and participated in those Sunday lunches and dinners . . . the rest are all new to this . . . well kinda new.  The setting is the same, but topics and the faces have changed.  This is all my kids know . . . this is their norm.  I think my grandmother would be pleased.

Every Sunday we share a meal with the family.  It might be over Dim Sum at our favorite Chinese Spot, or omelets at our breakfast spot.  Once nice weather rolls into town there is only one spot you will find this crew.  It is poolside at my house.

Our Sunday Supper and Swim is a staple in our lives.  My husband and I host on Sunday our family Sunday night get togethers . . . my mother, mother-in-law and sister are our regular guest, when my father-in-law isn't flying, he is a commercial pilot, he is here with us.  We heat the pool, we grill out and we just sit and visit.  We talk about the boy's schooling, what is going on with our friends, what is on the calendar for the week and who need to pick up which boy and when.  They are "assigned" when each of the boys will spend the night at which grandmother's house.

As soon as dinner is over we get in the pool.  My mother, mother-in-law and sister help clean up the kitchen.  Beverage in hand we sit in the heated hot tub while the boys, my husband and father-in-law swim.  The boys jump, if they can beg and coerce my sister, are on the trampoline or play in the fort.

In this very busy world we live in . . . my husband and I think it is so important to just have down time.  To spend time with our family and for the boys to have strong relationship with these very important people in their world.  Outside of my husband and I . . . these people are the second greatest influence on our children.

They say you can't pick you family . . . but if I could . . . I might just choose this same cast of characters! 

I can promise you . . . I wouldn't have missed one of those Sunday suppers growing up for anything . . .  I so loved my grandparents!  They hung the moon and the stars and I know . . . our boys feel the same way about their grandparents and aunt!

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