Sunday, January 29, 2012

T Minus 2 Days . . .

In December my husband mentioned he would like for us to have all our tax stuff together and ready to go to the accountant by the end of January 2012.  I was in complete agreement, "sure",  "absolutely", "good idea."  WE need to get OUR taxes done.  We meant ME and I knew it would be lots of work for me, but after I got Christmas up there should be plenty of time to do it. Or so I thought!

Just last week while out to dinner with the family he mentioned it again.  He said "hey, where are you on the tax stuff?"  He had mentioned it a few times between December and last week.  He would say things like "are you finding everything?"  "Hows the filing going", he knows I hate to file.  "Do you have the charitable gift total yet?" It was the last time he asked "where are WE on the taxes", he used the WE again, that is when I replied with "enough."  "You said you wanted it done by the end of January, it will be done."  After all,  I still had plenty of time to get it done.

and so, I sit here . . .

I sit here typing this blog.  Just like all the other days, I had something else I would rather be doing than sorting bills and receipts.  Than logging each medical, charitable, and excessive tax receipt.  Than creating spreadsheets with all the water, electric, gas, cell phone, insurance, broken out by month. Than reviewing each financial statement, anticipating what the 1099s will look like. 

Instead of doing that, I did what I wanted  . . .

typed 30+ blogs

lunched with some great friends

nails done, Dr.s visited

shopped more than a few times. 

attended 15 swim practices


ran my children around town more times that I can count. 

I filled every moment, that I could have spend on the taxes, doing just about everything but the taxes.

Even today with my hard deadline looming, that I was so indignant that I would make, I decided I would get into Pinterest and re-pin some of my favorite words of encouragement/funny sayings/quotes.  There are only 844.  Can you imagine the time I spent on that?

It was then that I saw ALL the words of encouragement/funny sayings I had pinned about procrastination.

 Now, back to that deadline thing!

I still have 2 days and really that is a lot of time in the grand scheme of deadlines. 

I am making headway on the taxes.  It is painful, boring and unfortunately, necessary!

We I will get it done, probably right as the deadline approaches.  Which leaves me with a little more free time to have fun!

Anyone want to meet for coffee???

 Happy Pinning!!!!  Oh, I have more time for that too!

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